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        • Recent Topics

        • Amasty Feed: Output effective sale date

          Hey Support, I saw that there is a `Effectivedate.php` row customizer in the code. Maybe you can explain how is can be used to properly output a valid <sale_price_effective_date> with proper start and end date. I could not find any explanation to generate
        • Cart Rule Visibility at Cart Summary and Edit pages

          We are using Amasty Special Promo Pro solution for creating promotions for our customers. However we are concerned about cart abandonment because of no customer visibility of triggered promotions until checkout page. How do we by using Amasty solutions
        • Amasty Product Export - Filtering gives error: No entity config found for entity "catalog_product_attribute"

          Hello, I'd like to filter out products with a specified Product Attribute in Amasty Export Product. When I try to filter out the list it gives me the following error: Export Result is empty. No entity config found for entity "catalog_product_attribute"
        • Use of customer attritibutes for Automatic product recommedation

          Customer attributes as well in combination with product attributes and more sorting options will greatly make the customer journey more personalised beginning from the search bar.  Examples of customer attributes could be new customer, returning customer,
        • Abandon cart mail

          Hello We are using the abandoned cart mail extension is not working on my site. I hold the product in cart and schedule time set in 15 minute after 15 minute we are check in the mail. Mail is not received.
        • Import Customers

          Hi, I've not understood how import a customer with multiple addresses. In the Import Customers module I've created a Profile and added the fields i need in the Customer Address section. I imported several customers with one address (same for billing and
        • Unable to apply data patch Amasty\Mostviewed\Setup\Patch\Data\ConvertOldSettings for module Amasty_Mostviewed. Original exception message: Area code is not set

          I upgraded magento to 2.4.2 and running setup:upgrade but get this error Unable to apply data patch Amasty\Mostviewed\Setup\Patch\Data\ConvertOldSettings for module Amasty_Mostviewed. Original exception message: Area code is not set Using Automatic Related
        • SEO Toolkit - Shipping Structured Data

          Hi, The SEO Toolkit extension already had the ability to add structured data to product pages. Admin: System > Configuration > SEO Rich Data > Product Rich Data It would be great if this could also include shipping data, which Google now prefer to have
        • Fullstory

          We have the Amasty GDPR extension on our European sites and we aren't able to view sessions on Fullstory. Do you know what we need to add or change to be able to access these sessions? We can on our US site without the extension.
        • Results | Already Done in Q2'23

          Brand-new extensions Generate content with a single click with our new ChatGPT AI Content Generator! This extension enables you to automatically create engaging descriptions and metadata for your product, category, and CMS pages. Enhance your customers'
        • Category page NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW when filters applied

          dear, I bought the Amnasty layered navigation plugin. And made a marketing company write special text for the category page. So when you filter on something it has its own texts. But the page's stay on noindex and nofollow even when i fill in the META
        • Extended Product Grid with Editor for Magento 2 : Where Is User Grid View Settings Stored?

          Hi, You can save the User Grid View but where does it go? There is no table that I can see this goes to, I think with M1 there was and you could tidy and/or duplicate the views for other users (with care of course) Thanks for any pointers
        • Autoload error

          Hello togehter. after the installation i got this error. I have no idea to fix it or what could be the issue. Autoload error: Module 'Amasty_GdprCookie' from '/var/www/share/xxxx/vendor/amasty/gdpr-cookie' has been already defined in '/var/www/share/xxxxxx/vendor/amasty/gdpr-cookie-sys'
        • Roadmap | What to expect in Q2'23

          New features and improvements Improved Layered Navigation a possibility to sort attribute options by product quantity; an option to import attribute data; a new setting for hiding filters with one available option; configure INDEX/FOLLOW for custom pages;
        • ⚡ Have you enlarged the functionality of the Amasty extension with your own code? Share your improvements with us!

          At Amasty, we understand that some of our clients require customized features to perfectly align the extension with their business needs. If you have developed new functionality within an Amasty module and would like to share it, please submit a ticket
        • One step checkout getting blank

          Hi, We are using Amasty one step checkout and when we are adding more the 260 different items in cart, we are getting blank page on checkout. When we disable the module checkout page is working.
        • Reindex error with Amasty Elasticsearch engine

          I am on Magento 2.4.5-p1. When I reindex, I get the following error when using Amasty elastic search engine (recently updated version 1.16.2). the error disappears if I use the default Magento elasticsearch or if I downgrade to Amasty elasticsearch version
        • Ignore block from cache not working

          Hello, I use amasty extension in our M1 website. In home page cms content call another block as {block type="core/template" name="quick_categorylist" nameInLayout="quick_categorylist" template="custom/category_list.phtml"} Also add "quick_categorylist"
        • I have add the images on the shopByBrand module they have gave me an error "constraint foreign key"

          I am upgrade the magento 2.4.2 to 2.4.3p3 then i face an error while adding the alt tag in brand section screenshot below of error. how can i resolve it. please help
        • Image Optimizer ignores responsive <picture> sources and only displays desktop versions

          We have the Page Speed Image Optimizer module installed and running on our production instance. Our homepage banners load responsively with <source media="..." srcset="..."> elements inside a <picture> element for each banner, and an <img> element with
        • Trying to access the /rest/default/V1/company/ endpoint

          Hello, my company uses Magento ver. 2.4.3 and the b2b module is not working for a GET at the endpoint /rest/default/V1/company Message translation: request does not match any route
        • Magento 2 Store Locator: Geo-Position detection fails during import

          Hi there, we have a working Magento 2 store locator running. Everything is working but the geo positioning of empty lat/lng values fails at the Import. Error message is this: "An error has happened while detecting geo-position data by Google. The error
        • Facing issue while trying to use PDF Customizer extention, it's giving error in dom.php

          Hi, I'm facing issue while trying to use PDF Customizer extension, it throwing error in dom.php
        • Promote specific product using widjet with affiliate module

          1. How do I use the promo widjet to promote the product i want? Currently you can only generate new products and best sellers. This way you are restricting affiliates on what they want to promote. I think they should be a way for them to search the product
        • Make modules compatible with Hyvä Themes

          The Idea: Compatibility with Hyvä Themes How it works: At this point, there is minimal compatibility made by community members, but it would be really nice if Amasty would support compatibility with Hyvä Themes out of the box. Making Amasty's most used
        • Payment Restrictions and Customer Attributes for Amino Z | VIDEO Review

          Get an insider's perspective on Amasty extensions with this comprehensive review from Jay, the founder and CEO of Amino Z supplement store. See how they use Payment Restrictions to allow only Credit Card payment method for subscription products, and Customer
        • Advanced Search in frontend

          Hi there, I installed Amasty Advanced search lite and configured it. In Backend it's working but in frontend search is not showing at all. I'm using Porto theme in which is included Mageplza search, I don't know it there is some conflict between them,
        • What is the future of elaslasticsearch extension (OpenSearch)

          With the Magento 2.4.4 moving to opensearch by default, what is the future of the elasticsearch module?  I would like to purchase this extension but I need clarifications on the road map and if support will still be provided by elasticsuite for the core
        • Bundle Pack and frequently bought together

          I am abit confused on why or you differentiated the frequently bought together and the Bundle Pack. Based on the other modules in the market, the frequently bought together displays products automatically (but you can manually adjust) using relations
        • Already Done in Q1'23

          Brand new extensions New Omnibus Price Tracker extension is released! Protect your business from unexpected fines and penalties by demonstrating your customers the lowest price of the product from the last 30 days or more. The extension will help you
        • composer require amasty/customers-also-viewed-graphql

          Enable customers-also-viewed-graphql module to activate GraphQl and Automatic Related Products integration. Please, run the following command in the SSH: composer require amasty/customers-also-viewed-graphql How do I install these package if Autonmatic
        • Was composer package amasty/module-product-status-suite-lite renamed?

          Hello, I can't composer update because amasty/module-product-status-suite-lite can't be found in remote repositories. Was this package renamed/replaced? └─$ composer update -W Gathering patches for root package. Loading composer repositories with package
        • Roadmap | What to expect in Q1'23

          New features and improvements Improved Layered Navigation generate SEO-friendly URLs for multi-select Category filter; better speed performance of the Apply filters button; improve Category list load time. Special Promotions Pro optimize data types in
        • Composer update error

          Google leads me here. When I run composer update, I got this: Updating dependencies Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.   Problem 1     - Root composer.json requires amasty/feed ^2.6, found amasty/feed[2.6.17] in
        • Shipping Table Rates for Emporium Embroidery

          Shop name Emporium Embroidery badges store Extension name Shipping Table Rates Case description and configurations I needed to configure our shipping providers and create rules for our shipping services. Our shop uses Royal Mail and DHL shipping providers.
        • amasty_xsearch_users_search database table very large

          We have this amasty table which is being reported by magento site analytics tool for being too large. Wish to know what's the right approach for this table, should we just keep data for last two weeks or do we need to keep data for a certain period of
        • One step checkout Extension

          I am using one step checkout extension and there is only one shipping method which shown already selected but after filling billing information I try to place order it shows me an error please select shipping method when there is one shipping and its
        • import product - name and price - basic problem

          Hi there, I am trying to import a simple csv file. I do the import, the products are imported but the name, price and quantity fields are not imported. Even if I go to the section "product_attribute" -> 'map fields' and put price and name and assign them
        • Guide for Mass Product Actions for Magento 2//Product Linking Algorithms

          Hello; We are a startup e-commerce company, and we use Magento 2 with extension Mass Production Actions from amasty. First of all I must confess that extension is really handy and flexible. So thank you. But I have couple question about it. I read the
        • Import products - How to assign multiple categories to one import product

          How can I assign multiple categories to one import product in a .csv file?