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        • Recent Topics

        • Infinite Scroll | Dynamic Gift

          Website Dynamic Gift Canada Extension name Infinite scroll Case description and configurations We looked for an extension to improve our Magento's default pagination features, as well as customers' experience while browsing for products within the category
        • Extensions

          Is there a way/extension that can check to see if a specific condition is met and if so, display a message? For example, New york has required a signature for delivery of products that are linked to weight management, etc. Can an extension determine if
        • UK VAT Margin Scheme

          Hi, I wonder if anyone has had any experience in setting up TAX rules on Shipping Suite Lite in relation to the UK VAT Margin Scheme? Many thanks
        • Google feed sales price

          I have tried to get the sales price correct in my feeds to get a flag on the products but it is not working I asked Google (they are easier to get hold of than Amasty) and they said I had no sales price coming through. When I look at the Merchant product
        • Importing Categories

          I'm starting a new store and comparing Amasty's 'Import and Export Premium' to Firebear Studio's similar Extension before buying. I was given a demo spreadsheet (see attached) of what Amasty's category import is capable of but it seems ... light .. compared
        • amasty_xsearch_users_search table clean up is not working

          Hi Amasty ,It is discovered that the size of the amasty_xsearch_users_search table is 1351 MB. We changed the Auto-Cleaning Period from 365 days to 30 days, and we have since verified that this change is not impacting the table's size.Because it affects
        • Unable to apply data patch Amasty\Mostviewed\Setup\Patch\Data\ConvertOldSettings for module Amasty_Mostviewed. Original exception message: Area code is not set

          I upgraded magento to 2.4.2 and running setup:upgrade but get this error Unable to apply data patch Amasty\Mostviewed\Setup\Patch\Data\ConvertOldSettings for module Amasty_Mostviewed. Original exception message: Area code is not set Using Automatic Related
        • One Step Checkout amasty extension

          i use magento 2.4.7 , and the latest version from One Step Checkout Extension but when use this command php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f ; this error i shows Compilation from source: /home/bdevs/public_html/app/code/Amasty/CheckoutCore/view/frontend/web/css/source/mkcss/amcheckout.less
        • bug on multi-tier free gift extension

          Free gift can't be added with the setting of equal to or greater than $85 and less than $100, the bug is on the demo site and also on my magento 2.4.6 p5 with the latest update of free gift. Attached the screenshot of the error on demo site.
        • buy Hreflang URLs plugin

          Hello Do you have Hreflang URLs plugin for sale? similar I saw that your XML sitemap has the Hreflang option But does this option support distinguishing Hreflang on the product page? Similar to
        • ElasticSearch Problem.

          Hello, We have the following issue when i use Amasty ElasticSearch. Amasty Elastic is not working because "opensearch" search engine is set in app/etc/env.php file. Any idea why have this issue? Regards.
        • Cookie Consent (GDPR) | Xiaomi Hrvatska

          Shop name Xiaomi Hrvatska Extension name Cookie Consent (GDPR) Case Description and configurations We needed an easy-to-use module for the cookie consent which would also be compatible with Consent Mode V2. With the basic configuration, the module covers
        • Blog Single Post page

          I want to add category instead of tag. Can you send a clue where to search for this file and what should I add or change? I was trying to add this code, but nothing changes <div class="amblog-features"> <?= $block->getAuthorHtml($post); ?> <?=
        • Jet Theme | Changelog Feb'23 - Mar'24

          Amasty_JetTheme v1.16.8 [May 8, 2024] ⇾ Compatibility: now the extension is compatible with Magento 2.4.7 v1.16.8 [Mar 18, 2024] ⇾ Fix: we fixed an error when running bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy command that occurred due to the incorrect filename
        • Validate field in one page checkout

          Hi I need a help with two specifics validations fields in amasty one page checkout. The first is the dni fields I'm from Chile so in mi country we have a specifc validations for the dni. And the second validations is in a custom field. Validation case
        • Google Consent Mode V2

          I have installed your module Amasty_gdpr, but I want also to enable Google consent mode v2. I found your tutorial about that and you suggested to install amasty/module-google-consent-mode package. In my list of suggested modules from amasty, I didn't
        • Watermark Blog post page

          I have watermark for my product. On the page of single product the watermark is fine, but on the page of single blog post the watermark becomes bigger, but it should be the smaller and width should be as image container (I need to see all letters of watermark).Is
        • GDPR pop-up text translation

          I want to translate the text above the cookies group ("Please select and accept your Cookies Group") and "More Information" string. If you click on the button "More information", you will open another pop-up with table. I want to translate all columns
        • Product Parts Finder | Racedom

          Website Racedom Extension name Product Parts Finder Case description and configurations We have more than 40K active SKUs on our website. Some SKUs are for generic usage, but some of them are vehicle specific. With the Product Parts Finder extension,
        • amasty_feed_product_cl database table very large [Amasty Feed]

          Hi, The Adobe Commerce Site-Wide Analysis Tool has reported to me that the "amasty_feed_product_cl" table in the amasty feed module is very large. I would like to understand the purpose of this table, and if I could empty it to free up space? At this
        • Summary Blog Pro

          Hello! I need to place the number of articles in the file, which located in vendor/amasty/blog/view/frontend/templates/summary.phtml. The situation is that I have multiple stores, and simply show the article number from admin panel not the right solution,
        • Product Feed | Improved Racing

          Website Improved Racing oiling system products Extension name Product Feed Case description and configurations We needed a very versatile product feed extension not only to push products to Google, but also to provide our distributors with inventory feeds,
        • Bug when trhowing Exception

        • Responsive Product Lable Images

          We upload images at category and product detail pages. However we cant seem to resize these so they show appropriately in Mobile vrs Desctop. Eg: Category: Desktop Then in mobile, this is tiny eg: Like wise on Product Detail Pages. Desktop Mobile PDP
        • Custom Form | Amawell

          Website Amawell jewelry store Extension name Custom Form Case Description and configurations We're running a special promotion, offering our customers a free measuring tape for accurately sizing their fingers before purchasing rings. This tape isn't listed
        • Get attribute ID in feed for variant preselection

          How can I get the ID of an (dropdown select) attribute in the product feed, rather than the label? I'm trying to get an URL in the product feed that preselects the correct variant. Some larger size of my products are more expensive, and Google Merchant
        • Results | Already Done Q1'24

          Product updates Social Login v1.11.2 ⇾ we added the ability for customers to log in via Microsoft Single Sign-On for the Pro version of the module; ⇾ now the extension fully complies with WCAG 2.1 level AA requirements. Google Analytics 4 with GTM Support
        • Mega Menu Pro doesn't save custom colors

          Amasty mega menu custom colors do not work. By default, they are saved with #, when you start saving custom ones, # is removed and the colors do not work.
        • Quantity per Source Column (MSI) breaks Saved Views in Product Grid

          We recently added new sources as part of Magento MSI and now our product grid is not saving the views. We only had a single source before and it was working. We are using Amasty Product Grid 1.12.0 and Magento 2.4.5-p1 Our issue is near identical to the
        • Roadmap | What to expect in Q1'24

          New extension updates Improved Layered Navigation ⇾ slash as a separator in SEO-friendly URLs; ⇾ an option to collapse navigation by button click. Shop By Brand ⇾ compatibility with PageBuilder; ⇾ an option to move the Brands menu item. Order Attributes
        • amasty_xsearch_users_search database table very large

          We have this amasty table which is being reported by magento site analytics tool for being too large. Wish to know what's the right approach for this table, should we just keep data for last two weeks or do we need to keep data for a certain period of
        • Issue with PDF Customizing Extension

          In Magento marketplace's version showing 1.3.3 and the updated version in site 1.4.0, We are not able to install the updated extension because we purchased it from the Magento marketplace. Please help us Thanks
        • CronScheduleList Missed: Cron Job Missed Issue

          Hello Team, We are using the Magento 2.4.6-p2 version, and Amasty CronScheduleList extension, but we are facing an issue with the cron job, can you please help us?
        • Request a Quote | WebElephant

          Extension name Request a Quote Case Description and configurations One of our clients wanted to start with a Magento 2 shop, but to match their current way of working, they were wondering if making use of quotes only was possible. Out of the box, the
        • SEO Toolkit | Qual

          Shop name Qual IT products and services Extension name SEO Toolkit Premium Case description and configurations Before the extension, alt tags were not on every product image lower SEO scores. Meta tags and product names were not implemented properly.
        • error with layered navigation and elastic search

          I have installed Amasty layered navigation with magento 2.4.6p3 but i get this error: Can somebody give me a solution? Exception #0 (Magento\Framework\Exception\RuntimeException): Type Error occurred when creating object: Amasty\Shopby\Block\Navigation\FilterCollapsing,
        • Results | Already Done in Q4'23

          Product updates Abandoned Cart Email v1.16.0 ⇾ NEW now it is possible to customize Abandoned Cart coupons' names; ⇾ we added the possibility to set up Abandoned Cart coupons' expiry date format. Shipping Rules v2.9.1 ⇾ we added new Shipping Rules condition
        • ⚡ Have you enlarged the functionality of the Amasty extension with your own code? Share your improvements with us!

          At Amasty, we understand that some of our clients require customized features to perfectly align the extension with their business needs. If you have developed new functionality within an Amasty module and would like to share it, please submit a ticket
        • combining rules with amasty special promotions issue

          Hi, I have have 2 cart rules: #1 Coupon Code driven magento's generic 10% off rule with no conditions or exceptions that applies to all products #2 No Coupon Amasty's "Percent Discount: each 2-d, 4-th, 6-th with 15% Off" that gives 100% off every 6th
        • What to expect in Q4'23 | Roadmap

          New extensions This quarter, one of our goals is to introduce a fresh set of extensions for Magento 2: ⇾ Bing (Microsoft) Pixel ⇾ Tik Tok Pixel ⇾ Twitter Pixel ⇾ Google Automated Discounts Upcoming features and improvements In this quarter, we have outlined