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        • Recent Topics

        • Request a Quote | WebElephant

          Extension name Request a Quote Case Description and configurations One of our clients wanted to start with a Magento 2 shop, but to match their current way of working, they were wondering if making use of quotes only was possible. Out of the box, the
        • SEO Toolkit | Qual

          Shop name Qual IT products and services Extension name SEO Toolkit Premium Case description and configurations Before the extension, alt tags were not on every product image lower SEO scores. Meta tags and product names were not implemented properly.
        • CronScheduleList Missed: Cron Job Missed Issue

          Hello Team, We are using the Magento 2.4.6-p2 version, and Amasty CronScheduleList extension, but we are facing an issue with the cron job, can you please help us?
        • error with layered navigation and elastic search

          I have installed Amasty layered navigation with magento 2.4.6p3 but i get this error: Can somebody give me a solution? Exception #0 (Magento\Framework\Exception\RuntimeException): Type Error occurred when creating object: Amasty\Shopby\Block\Navigation\FilterCollapsing,
        • Jet Theme | Changelog

          v1.16.6 [Jun 08, 2023] ⇾ Compatibility: we improved compatibility with Magento 2.4.6 ⇾ Fix: we fixed the error that appeared on adding configurable products to cart with PHP 8.2 v1.16.5 [Nov 15, 2022] ⇾ Fix: we fixed the errors that occurred after enabling
        • Mega Menu Pro doesn't save custom colors

          Amasty mega menu custom colors do not work. By default, they are saved with #, when you start saving custom ones, # is removed and the colors do not work.
        • Results | Already Done in Q4'23

          Product updates Abandoned Cart Email v1.16.0 ⇾ NEW now it is possible to customize Abandoned Cart coupons' names; ⇾ we added the possibility to set up Abandoned Cart coupons' expiry date format. Shipping Rules v2.9.1 ⇾ we added new Shipping Rules condition
        • ⚡ Have you enlarged the functionality of the Amasty extension with your own code? Share your improvements with us!

          At Amasty, we understand that some of our clients require customized features to perfectly align the extension with their business needs. If you have developed new functionality within an Amasty module and would like to share it, please submit a ticket
        • combining rules with amasty special promotions issue

          Hi, I have have 2 cart rules: #1 Coupon Code driven magento's generic 10% off rule with no conditions or exceptions that applies to all products #2 No Coupon Amasty's "Percent Discount: each 2-d, 4-th, 6-th with 15% Off" that gives 100% off every 6th
        • What to expect in Q4'23 | Roadmap

          New extensions This quarter, one of our goals is to introduce a fresh set of extensions for Magento 2: ⇾ Bing (Microsoft) Pixel ⇾ Tik Tok Pixel ⇾ Twitter Pixel ⇾ Google Automated Discounts Upcoming features and improvements In this quarter, we have outlined
        • Free items not working since upgrade to magento 2.4.6

          We've recently upgraded from magento 2.3 to 2.4.6 and have the latest promo modules installed, all of the same rules exist as they did in 2.3 but somehow the free product ones are not working. We have a custom module to add the free items to the basket,
        • Is there a setting to make the whole product card a link to the product on the category page?

          I would like to make more than the Image and Title on the category page a clickable link to the product page. Currently I am only able to find settings to get the image and Title to link to the product page. I would like to make the whole product card
        • Reward Points | Smoking Hookah

          Shop name Smoking-Hookah Extension name Reward Points Case description and configurations We needed to establish a reward program in our store, but default Magento doesn't allow it, so we decided to implement the Amasty Reward Points extension. General
        • How do I add special price including tax to the feed?

          How do I add special price including tax to the feed?
        • Amasty GA4 - checkout issue

          Hi, I have a problem with GA4 module. When I enter the checkout page, this error shows in console: Could you help me to fix it ?
        • module Amasty_CheckoutLayoutBuilder ERROR

          i upgrade my Magento to 2.4.6, last version. Everything is fine but when i put php bin/magento setup:upgrade i have this error i make in my composer file the last versione of "amasty/module-one-step-checkout-pro-package": "^2.3.2", in require section
        • Free Shipping Dropdown Disappears When Selecting Options

          Hello, We are using 2.11.9 version of the plugin on Magento 2 When selecting one of the auto add options the Free Shipping field (below) is no longer available (Disappears). Is this intended behavior? Are there any suggested workarounds for this? Th
        • System Extensions Changelog | Sep'22 - Sep'23

          Amasty_Base v1.14.0 [2022-10-17] ⇾ Improvement: we improved the Amasty menu UI to display a unified view of products. ⇾ Fix: we fixed the issue with the ‘Configuration’ button at Amasty menu. v1.14.1 [2022-10-21] ⇾ Fix: we fixed the Side Menu closing
        • RMA

          Hello Amasty team, It would be helpful to add a "DENIED" or DENY button on the RMA request. Many times the RMA is invalid and can only be deleted. If we can do this before processing it would cut down on time. Second request is to close requested RMA's
        • What is the future of elaslasticsearch extension (OpenSearch)

          With the Magento 2.4.4 moving to opensearch by default, what is the future of the elasticsearch module?  I would like to purchase this extension but I need clarifications on the road map and if support will still be provided by elasticsuite for the core
        • One step checkout getting blank

          Hi, We are using Amasty one step checkout and when we are adding more the 260 different items in cart, we are getting blank page on checkout. When we disable the module checkout page is working.
        • Export Products | Physical Company

          Shop name Physical Company training equipment store Extension name Export Products Case description and configurations We needed a solution for being able to share inventory information to our retail customers, making it an automated process for both
        • Export Orders | Berkey

          Shop name Berkey water purifiers and filters store Extension name Export Orders Case description and configurations Our marketing department needs specific profit figures per order, webshop and product in our Magento 2 shop. Our wishes are very specific,
        • Shipping Rules and Shipping Restrictions | Aqua Maestro

          Shop name Aqua Maestro bottled water store Extension name Shipping Rules and Shipping Restrictions Case description and configurations The Shipping Rules and Restrictions extensions enable us to create a versatile shipping hierarchy, allowing us to decrease
        • Console error One Step Checkout

          Hello, I am getting this console error while trying to load the Checkout Page. I have the latest updated module. Can you please let me know the possible solution for the same ? Error : [2023-07-18 01:10:54] [ERROR] Failed to load the "Amasty_CheckoutCore/onepage/shipping/address"
        • Results | Already Done in Q3'23

          Brand-new extensions We're thrilled to introduce our first ready-to-use solution for the Shopify platform: ChatGPT AI Content Master! This application is designed to streamline the process of generating compelling content for different sections of your
        • Roadmap | What to expect in Q3'23

          New features and improvements Google Analytics 4 ⇾ integrations with Amasty Cookie Consent; ⇾ integration with Multishipping. Elastic Search ⇾ compatibility with engine OpenSerch v2.x; ⇾ compatibility with engine Elasticsearch v8.6. Advanced Search ⇾
        • One Step Checkout | Bombing Science

          Shop name Bombing Science graffiti supplies Extension name One Step Checkout Case description and configurations We were looking for a simple way for customers to check out in order to improve conversions, so we turned to Amasty and their One Step Checkout
        • Amasty GA4

          Testing Amasty GA4. Anyone else encountering this error on category and product pages? <script> window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; (function () { /** * @var {[Object]} */ const dataToPush = JSON.parse('Error:
        • Repo is not available

          Error on timeout [Composer\Downloader\TransportException] curl error 28 while downloading Failed to connect to po rt 443 after 10001 ms: Timeout was reached
        • Advanced Search in frontend

          Hi there, I installed Amasty Advanced search lite and configured it. In Backend it's working but in frontend search is not showing at all. I'm using Porto theme in which is included Mageplza search, I don't know it there is some conflict between them,
        • Google Rich Snippets | TreeLittleTree

          Shop name TreeLittleTree cookie cutters store Extension name Google Rich Snippets Case description and configurations The default Google search results for products in default Magento don't contain enough information, which makes them less appealing.
        • Amasty Gift Wrap - Showing Zero Price on Invoice

          We just received our first gift wrapped orders and I have noticed that the price is €0.00 but only on invoice page and PDF. [Order View - Information] page shows [Gift Wrap €2.00] in Order Totals [Order View - Invoices] page shows [Gift Wrap €0.00] in
        • Improved Layered Navigation | Pasisis

          Shop Name Pasisis hardware store Extension name Improved Layered Navigation Case Description and configurations We wanted to have more agile configurations for managing filters. After installing the module, we enabled the AJAX option, which makes it possible
        • Amasty Feed: Output effective sale date

          Hey Support, I saw that there is a `Effectivedate.php` row customizer in the code. Maybe you can explain how is can be used to properly output a valid <sale_price_effective_date> with proper start and end date. I could not find any explanation to generate
        • Cart Rule Visibility at Cart Summary and Edit pages

          We are using Amasty Special Promo Pro solution for creating promotions for our customers. However we are concerned about cart abandonment because of no customer visibility of triggered promotions until checkout page. How do we by using Amasty solutions
        • Amasty Product Export - Filtering gives error: No entity config found for entity "catalog_product_attribute"

          Hello, I'd like to filter out products with a specified Product Attribute in Amasty Export Product. When I try to filter out the list it gives me the following error: Export Result is empty. No entity config found for entity "catalog_product_attribute"
        • Use of customer attritibutes for Automatic product recommedation

          Customer attributes as well in combination with product attributes and more sorting options will greatly make the customer journey more personalised beginning from the search bar.  Examples of customer attributes could be new customer, returning customer,
        • Abandon cart mail

          Hello We are using the abandoned cart mail extension is not working on my site. I hold the product in cart and schedule time set in 15 minute after 15 minute we are check in the mail. Mail is not received.
        • Import Customers

          Hi, I've not understood how import a customer with multiple addresses. In the Import Customers module I've created a Profile and added the fields i need in the Customer Address section. I imported several customers with one address (same for billing and