Why should I use your module instead of Magento Elastic Search?

Why should I use your module instead of Magento Elastic Search?

Starting from version 2.4, Magento works with the Elastic Search that greatly impacts the overall performance of the website. Using Elastic Search as a search engine provides faster page loading and more relevant search results. Within the default solution, multi-language search, usage of synonyms, and stopwords are covered. 

Working with Elastic Search implies the usage of indices – the product data is being constantly rebuilt in order to provide relevant info to the searchers. During the indexation, the users are not interrupted in any way – the process runs in the background, allowing your customers to browse through the website and search for the products they like. 

Another cool feature is that Elastic Search interprets the customers’ text queries (with the help of synonyms and stopwords) to provide the best-matching result possible. Even if a customer is not sure what he’s looking for, Elastic Search will have an option to suggest.

The Amasty module extends the default functionality of Elastic Search by adding advanced configurations on search relevance. This is how you can affect the search results with the simple configuration:
  1. Search weight - assigning weight for search attributes makes some product properties more prominent than others;
  2. Match modes - can be configured differently for each search attribute defining the search behavior (whether the exact or partial match is needed);
  3. Wildcards - search predictions being made while the customer is putting down the query;
  4. Spell corrections - misspelled words are no longer an obstacle for the relevant results;
  5. Char mappings - allows converting symbols from foreign alphabets to universal Latin symbols for greater search accuracy;
  6. Special symbols - allows high-accuracy searches by queries that include non-alphabetic symbols (like slashes, dashes, dots and etc).
Additionally, in the module, you can set up relevance rules for particular queries boosting specific products on top of the search results, and control the search statistics with the report tools.

Amasty Elastic Search functionality could be extended with the recent PWA addon.