What's the difference between Store Pickup, Store Locator and Store Pickup with Locator?

What's the difference between Store Pickup, Store Locator and Store Pickup with Locator?

Our Store Pickup extension adds a new free shipping method on the storefront and allows users to choose store pickup at checkout. You may add multiple points of sales and, on the storefront, the extension will automatically detect the nearest store and offer a pickup option from this location. Note that with Store Pickup, the shipping address won't be replaced with the pickup location address.

The Store Locator extension allows displaying stores on the Google map and provide extra information for each location so that your customers could easily find a suitable store:

You may assign products to specific locations to show their availability in offline stores:

Customers will see the locations where they can buy the product on the map: 

Finally, our Store Pickup with Locator combines the features of both Store Pickup and Store Locator extensions. Moreover, your customers will be able to choose the pickup store from the dropdown on the checkout page and define the pickup date and time:

As soon as a customer chooses the store pickup method during the checkout, the shipping address will be automatically replaced with the selected location address:

Additionally, the Store Pickup with Locator extension is compatible with native Magento 2 MSI and you may display a list of locations for products with assigned MSI Stock:

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