What features are included in each tariff plan of One Step Checkout?

What features are included in each tariff plan of One Step Checkout?

One Step Checkout extension
- all checkout sections on one page;
- customizable design (layout, color scheme, address formatting, default values);
- delivery options: delivery date calendar, delivery time interval, delivery comment;
- Google Address Suggestion and customer GeoIP location detect;
- easy checkout fields management.
Lite plan
- Google Address Autocomplete;
- drag-and-drop layout editor;
- gift wrap;
- delivery date and time;
- style switcher with premade design themes.
Lite & Pro plans
Order Attributes extension
- custom order fields in Shipping Address, Shipping Methods, Payment Methods, and Order Summary sections;
- order attribute restrictions based on Shipping Methods;
- order attribute dependencies; 
- email, URL, alphanumeric, numeric, and alpha validation types;
- 11 input types.
- version 2 and version 3 captcha; 
- default forms protection: registration, login, newsletter subscription, contact us, forgot password, change password, product review, checkout payments;
- custom forms protection (by URL or CSS selector);
- integration with Amasty Custom Form and FAQ and Product Questions modules (if installed).
Social Login Lite extension
- login and register popup;
- Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Amazon, PayPal, and Twitch social logins;
- login statistics
- automated abandoned cart reminders;
- emails for registered and guest users;
- schedule;
- coupon codes in emails.
Thank You Page extension
- new success page blocks: coupons, order review, newsletter, cross-sell, create account, 3 custom blocks;
-blocks sorting order and layout management.

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