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What features are included in each tariff plan of Google Page Speed Optimizer?

- images preloading feature;
- jQuery, Native JavaScript, Vanilla, and Lozad lazy scripts;
- custom lazy load strategy for specific pages (home, category, product, and CMS pages).
Google metric covered: 
Defer offscreen images
Lite plan
- JS bundling;
- HTML and CSS minification;
- CSS and JS merge;
- User Agent option;
- Server Push;
- defer fonts loading;
- WebP conversion;
- PNG, JPEG, and GIF compression;
- Resize and Crop resize options
- automatic optimization of newly uploaded images.
AMP extension
- AMP for Product, Category, Home, and CMS pages;
- WebP images for AMP;
- AMP design settings.
Google metrics covered:
Lite plan
Eliminate render-blocking resources (for JS);
Minify CSS;
Minify JavaScript;
Combine JavaScript;
Serve images in next-gen formats;
Properly size images;
Efficiently encode images;
Avoid enormous network payloads (partially).
Lite & Pro plans
Infinite Scroll extension
- infinite scroll for category pages;
- automatic, button, and combined loading types;
- Back to Top button;
- Load Previous/Next buttons.
AJAX Shopping Cart extension
- popup for the Add To Cart button;
related, cross-sells, or CMS static blocks in the popup;
- configurable options choice from the popup;
- color scheme settings.
Lite & Pro plans

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