What are the names of all the sub-modules of Jet Theme Lite/Pro/Premium & how to install them?

What are the names of all the sub-modules of Jet Theme Lite/Pro/Premium & how to install them?

Jet Theme includes several add-ons that enhance its functionality. Each package - Lite, Pro or Premium - comes with its own set of sub-modules. All of those are free together with the purchase of the specific Jet Theme package.

In Jet Theme Lite those complementary modules are Jet Optimizer, Jet Non-Latin Fonts, Mixin Rewrite Patch, Jet Theme Sample Data.

In Jet Theme Pro, in addition to Jet Theme Lite extensions, you also get these add-ons: Lite Layered Navigation, Google Invisible Recaptcha, Thank You Page, Product Tabs, Mega Menu Lite.

In Jet Theme Premium, you take advantage of the modules from Jet Theme Lite & Pro, as well as these on top: Banner Slider, Shop By Brand, Custom Button.
In order to use the mentioned additional modules with Jet Theme, make sure to install them after installing the theme package itself. You can find the composer names of the add-ons in the suggested section when installing the theme by running composer suggest command, or after the installation in the corresponding composer.json file. For example, Jet Theme Lite suggested packages can be found in the %magento root folder%/vendor/amasty/theme-frontend-jet-theme-lite/composer.json file (if the extension was installed via the manual file upload, the path should be %magento root folder%/app/code/Amasty/JetTheme/composer.json). And for Jet Theme Pro, for instance, the "suggest" section looks like this:

These separate modules are not obligatory for the theme to work, and raw installation of Jet Theme does not include them. However, if you need to install the submodules from your Jet Theme package, they should be installed just like any regular Amasty extensions, either via composer (by requesting package name) or via manual upload (by downloading the coresponding Jet Theme package and uploading it into your root Magento directory). Please refer to our instructions on how to install the extension properly.