What Amasty extensions support PWA?

What Amasty extensions support PWA?

For PWA compatibility, Amasty designed a separate PWA add-ons. They go as supplementary solutions to the main extensions.

Amasty PWA add-ons provide the same functionality as the original Amasty extensions. The PWA add-ons are created with the required Magento PWA stack of technologies, which makes it applicable for building a PWA site on the base of Magento. PWA add-ons can't work without the corresponding core extensions (e.g. PWA for Elastic Search will work only if the main Elastic Search extension is installed).

Please refer to the table below to see the full list of Amasty extensions with PWA support. 

Main extension name
PWA add-on

If the extension you're looking for isn't listed in the table, it indicates that it currently lacks PWA compatibility. However, GraphQL could potentially offer a solution. Extensions with GraphQL support work as a bridge between backend and frontend, so there are no limitations in frontend frameworks - it can be React, Vue, or any other one.

Certain Amasty modules support GraphQL out of the box (read+write or read-only). To see the full list, please consult the following article: What Amasty extensions support GraphQL?
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