The mobile (hamburger) version of the menu is displaying on the desktop, how to resolve that?

The mobile (hamburger) version of the menu is displaying on the desktop, how to resolve that?

      Such behavior can be observed if Varnish cache is used. To resolve it, add the following code to sub vcl_hash in the varnish configuration file:
  1. sub vcl_hash {
  2.     if (req.http.X-UA-Device ~ "^mobile" 
  3.         || req.http.X-UA-device ~ "^tablet"
  4.     ) {
  5.         hash_data("mobile");
  6.     } else {
  7.         hash_data("desktop");    
  8.     }
  9. }
      If your instance uses Fastly CDN for caching, some more changes need to be made in addition to this. Add this code to sub vcl_hash:
  1. sub vcl_hash {
  2.     if (req.http.cookie !~ "X-Magento-Vary=") {
  3.         call device_detect;

  4.         if (req.http.X-Amasty-Device) {
  5.             hash_data(req.http.X-Amasty-Device);
  6.         }
  7.     }
  8. }
      And this code to the end of the file default.vcl:
  1. sub device_detect {
  2.     if (req.http.User-Agent ~ "(?i)Mobile"
  3.     || req.http.User-Agent ~ "(?i)Tablet"
  4.     ) {
  5.         set req.http.X-Amasty-Device = "mobile";
  6.     } else {
  7.         set req.http.X-Amasty-Device = "desktop";
  8.     }
  9. }

      Such solutions would only work for the real devices, not the browser resize/mobile emulation tools. In case the issue remains after these changes, don't hesitate to contact our support team to conduct additional investigation.

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