The feed is not generated by schedule, Cron Job status is "Missed". How to fix this?

The feed is not generated by schedule, Cron Job status is "Missed". How to fix this?

The most common reason for the 'Missed' Cron jobs is that Cron is configured in such a way that the pauses between its runs exceed the Missed if Not Run Within time setting of the Cron jobs. 

For instance, Cron is scheduled to run at 1, 30, and 59 minutes of each hour like here:

A Cron job is generated every minute for 4 minutes ahead (which means it must be run every 5 minutes) and is considered missed if not run within 2 minutes.
Admin Panel > Stores > Settings > Configuration > System > Cron > Cron configuration for group:amasty_feed
Then in case Cron runs at 1:01 pm and generates the Cron job ahead for 1:06 pm with the Missed if Not Run Within 2 minutes setting, by the next time Cron will run following its schedule at 1:30 pm, the Cron Job will have been considered missed and the feed won't be generated.

As a solution, the following configurations can be adjusted.

1. The Missed if Not Run Within time period can be increased to exceed the Cron pauses and thus ensure that the Cron Job will be scheduled for a run. It can be adjusted in the Admin Panel → Stores → Settings → Configuration → System → Cron → Cron configuration for group:amasty_feed:

2. Cron Job's schedule can be customized in accordance with the Cron schedule in the "crontab.xml" file (located in one of the following directories: /vendor/amasty/feed/etc/ or app/code/Amasty/Feed/etc)

3. You can change the Cron schedule in a way the pauses don't exceed the "Missed if Not Run Within" time period. 

In case you require some help with configuring Cron or Cron Job's schedule, please refer to