Reward Points API

Reward Points API

1. Amasty\Rewards\Api\CheckoutRewardsManagementInterface - class responsible for applying reward points on checkout:
  1. PUT /V1/carts/mine/points/:points, method="set" - apply points;
  2. DELETE /V1/carts/mine/points/delete, method="remove" - remove applied points.

2. Amasty\Rewards\Api\GuestHighlightManagementInterface - class responsible for highlighting points for guest users:
  1. POST /V1/rewards/mine/highlight/product, method="getHighlight" - show points for registration to guest users.

3. Amasty\Rewards\Api\CatalogHighlightManagementInterface - class for managing highlights in the catalog:
  1. POST /V1/rewards/mine/highlight/product, method="getHighlightForProduct" - display highlights on product pages;
  2. POST /V1/rewards/mine/highlight/category, method="getHighlightForCategory" - display highlights for category pages.

4. Amasty\Rewards\Api\CheckoutHighlightManagementInterface - class for managing highlights on checkout for logged-in users:
  1. GET /V1/rewards/mine/highlight/checkout, method="getHighlightByCustomerId" - calculate and display highlights on checkout for registered customers.

5. Amasty\Rewards\Api\RewardsRepositoryInterface - class for managing reward points:
  1. GET /V1/rewards/mine/balance, method="getCustomerRewardBalance" - show reward points balance on the fontend;
  2. GET /V1/rewards/mine/history, method="getByCustomerId" - show reward points history on the frontend;
  3. POST /V1/rewards/management/history, method="getById" - show reward points history in the backend;
  4. POST /V1/rewards/management/history/:customerId, method="getByCustomerId" - show reward points history for a specific customer in the backend.

6. Amasty\Rewards\Api\ExpirationDateRepositoryInterface - class for managing reward points expiration:
  1. GET /V1/rewards/mine/expiration, method="getItemsByCustomerId" - show points expiration date on the frontend;
  2. POST /V1/rewards/management/expiration, method="getById" - show points expiration date in the backend;
  3. POST /V1/rewards/management/expiration/:customerId, method="getItemsByCustomerId" - show points expiration date for a specific customer in the backend.

7. Amasty\Rewards\Api\RewardsProviderInterface - class for editing reward points balance:
  1. POST /V1/rewards/management/points/rule, method="addPointsByRule" - add reward points to a specific rule;
  2. POST /V1/rewards/management/points/add, method="addPoints" - add reward points;
  3. POST /V1/rewards/management/points/deduct, method="deductPoints" - deduct reward points.

8. Amasty\Rewards\Api\RuleRepositoryInterface - class for managing reward points rules:
  1. POST /V1/rewards/management/rule, method="save" - create a rule;
  2. PUT /V1/rewards/management/rule/:ruleId, method="save" - edit a rule;
  3. DELETE /V1/rewards/management/rule/:ruleId, method="deleteById" - delete a rule;
  4. GET /V1/rewards/management/rule, method="get" - get information about a rule;
  5. POST /V1/rewards/management/rule/all, method="getRulesByAction" - get rules by action.
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