Request a Quote | GraphQL methods

Request a Quote | GraphQL methods


  1. isQuoteCartEnabled
    description: check if request a quote is enabled. Includes check for customer group

  2. quoteCart (cartId: String!)
    description: return information about the specified shopping cart

  3. customerQuoteCart 
    description: return information about the customer's quote cart


  1. createEmptyQuoteCart (input: createEmptyQuoteCartInput)
    description: create an empty quote cart for a guest or logged in user

  2. addProductsToQuoteCart (quoteId: String!)
    description: add any type of product to the quote cart

  3. updateQuoteRemarks (quoteId: String!)
    description: update customer remarks

  4. removeItemFromQuoteCart (input: RemoveItemFromCartInput)
    description: delete the entire quantity of a specified item from the quote cart

  5. updateQuoteItemsInCart (input: UpdateQuoteItemsInput)
    description: modify items in the cart

  6. clearQuote (quoteId: String) 
    description: remove all quote items from quote cart

  7. submitQuote (input: SubmitQuoteInput)
    description: submit quote
  1. mergeQuotes (sourceQuoteId: String!)-
    description: transfer the contents of a guest quote into the cart of a logged-in customer

  2. removeQuoteFromCart (cartId: String!)
    description: remove all quote items, which moved to cart

  3. moveInCart (quoteUid: String!)
    description: move approved quote to shopping cart

  4. moveInQuote (quoteId: String!)
    description: move items from shopping cart to current quote

  5. cancelQuote (quoteUid: String!)
    description: cancel quote

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