Product Attachments API

Product Attachments API

API functionality for Product Attachments is available with the API for Product Attachments Add-On only.

1. Amasty\ProductAttachmentApi\Api\FrontendAttachmentInterface - class for getting product attachments on frontend:
  1. GET /V1/amasty_product_attachment/getByProductId, method="getByProductId" - get an attachmetn by product ID;
  2. GET /V1/amasty_product_attachment/getByCategoryId, method="getByCategoryId" - get an attachment by category ID;
  3. GET /V1/amasty_product_attachment/getByFileIds, method="getByFileIds" - get an attachment by file ID.
2. Amasty\ProductAttachmentApi\Api\DownloadFileInterface - class for downloading files:
  1. GET /V1/amasty_product_attachment/download, method="download" - download a file.
3. Amasty\ProductAttachmentApi\Api\UploadFileInterface - class for uploading files (attachments):
  1. POST /V1/amasty_product_attachment/filemanage/uploadFile, method="upload" - upload a file.
4. Amasty\ProductAttachmentApi\Api\BackendAttachmentInterface - class for managed attachments in backend:
  1. GET /V1/amasty_product_attachment/filemanage/:fileId, method="getById" - get information about an attachment;
  2. POST /V1/amasty_product_attachment/filemanage, method="save" - create an attachment;
  3. PUT /V1/amasty_product_attachment/filemanage/:fileId, method="save" - edit an attachment;
  4. DELETE /V1/amasty_product_attachment/filemanage/:fileId, method="deleteById" - delete an attachment;
  5. GET /V1/amasty_product_attachment/filemanage/files, method="getList" - get a list of all attachments.
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