Meta data for filters is not applied, is there a fix for it?

Meta data for filters is not applied, is there a fix for it?

The extension allows changing some page properties like title, description, images, and CMS blocks, including some Meta data, when applying a filter. The feature requires configuration described below.

Step 1. In the general extension settings (Stores → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Improved Layered Navigation → Add the title & description of the selected filters section), all or some of the attributes should be allowed to add data to category and brand pages:

Step 2. Same settings should be configured for Meta data in section Category Meta Tags:

Step 3. Proceed with the configuration of the attributes. Navigate to Magento Admin Panel → Stores → Attributes → Product and select the required attribute from the list. Here, go to the option's settings:

Step 4. In the opened popup window, set the required values for Meta Data and Page Content:

After this config, the applied filter should change the page info. Without adding custom properties for description, images, CMS blocks, and meta data, the module adds option title to the category title and meta title of the page.