Mega Menu API

Mega Menu API

1. Amasty\MegaMenu\Api\LinkRepositoryInterface - class for managing links inside the menu:
  1. POST /V1/amasty_megaMenu/link, method="save" - create a link;
  2. PUT /V1/amasty_megaMenu/link/:entityId, method="save" - edit a link;
  3. DELETE /V1/amasty_megaMenu/link/:entityId, method="deleteById" - delete a link;
  4. GET /V1/amasty_megaMenu/link, method="getById" - get information about a link;
  5. GET /V1/amasty_megaMenu/link/all, method="getList" - get a list with all links.

2. Amasty\MegaMenu\Api\ItemRepositoryInterface - class for managing menu items:
  1. POST /V1/amasty_megaMenu/item, method="save" - create an item;
  2. PUT /V1/amasty_megaMenu/item/:entityId, method="save" - edit an item;
  3. DELETE /V1/amasty_megaMenu/item/:entityId, method="deleteById" - delete an item;
  4. GET /V1/amasty_megaMenu/item, method="getById" - get information about an item;
  5. GET /V1/amasty_megaMenu/item/all, method="getList" - get a list with all items.
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