What to do if Import/Export get stuck at step 2?

What to do if Import/Export get stuck at step 2?

If import/export process gets stuck at Step 2, it is possible that the CLI PHP Path wasn't identified correctly. CLI PHP Path is the option that shows the path to PHP interpreter, which is used by our extension when running the commands directly during the processing of PHP requests. This option can be found on the Stores → Configuration → Import/Export page:

To change it, the next commands should be run:

bin/magento config:set amasty_base/system/cli_php_path %CLI_PHP_PATH%

Where %CLI_PHP_PATH% is the path to the PHP interpreter that is being used when running bin/magento commands:

If you run a command and a new path is not displayed in this setting, please recheck the path you've specified. In case the path is incorrect, the changes won't be applied to the admin panel and you'll see the default path.

If this solution doesn't help and import/export process still doesn't proceed, please contact our support team.