I added a subscription product to the cart, but there are no payment methods, what is wrong?

I added a subscription product to the cart, but there are no payment methods, what is wrong?

      You might experience the situation when a subscription product is added to the cart, but orders cannot be placed, as there are no payment methods available:

      This means that at the moment there are no payment gateways configured that accept subscriptions. First, please make sure that the payment method you'd like to use is enabled at Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods, and is visible for regular orders with non-subscription products:

      To enable the gateways inside the extension, please go to Amasty > Subscriptions & Recurring Payments > Configuration. Please use the Supported Payment Gateways field to select the gateways you'd like to offer for creating subscriptions:

      After saving the changes, you'll need to enter gateway credentials for some of the payment methods. While Cash on Delivery and Amazon Pay gateways can be used straight away, for PayPal and Stripe you'll need to enter additional information:

      a) PayPal. Please enter your Client ID and Client Secret which are available in your Paypal business account. After saving these credentials, you'll be able to generate a webhook for the system;
      b) Stripe. Webhook secret will be generated for the extension as soon as you enter your API keys at Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Stripe by Amasty:
      Having completed these steps, you'll see that the selected payment methods are now available during checkout when orders with subscriptions are placed:
Please note that, if at least one subscription product is added to the cart, all payment methods not supported by our extension become unavailable. Therefore, customers cannot pay with payment methods that are offered for regular products if they have a mixed cart with a regular product and a subscription product. In that case, they'll only be able to pay using the payment methods that are enabled in the Subscriptions & Recurring Payments extension.
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