How to upload feed to Facebook?

How to upload feed to Facebook?

Please follow the below instructions to create a Facebook feed with the scheduled generation synced with Magento 2. Set up the initial product catalog in Facebook business account in Data Sources → Data Feed → Next.

Then specify all the required settings following the steps offered by Facebook.

Step 1. In the first step, choose upload option.

Step 2. From the product feed grid, select a feed that should be added to Facebook catalog by copying its link. You may use the Google Feed template to create a feed for Facebook and adjust it if needed, as the requirements for the attributes are similar.

Step 3. Paste this link to the Enter URL field.

Step 4. Configure a schedule for the feed.

Step 5. Name your feed and click on the Upload button.

The feed should be uploaded to Facebook and upon its scheduled generation, Facebook catalog items will be updated accordingly.