How to upload a Shopify feed to Google Merchant?

How to upload a Shopify feed to Google Merchant?

Once the feed is created in Shopify, you can upload it to the Google Merchant, following the simple steps outloned below.

Step 1. Create a primary feed in your personal Google Merchant account in Products → Feeds.

Step 2. Specify the basic information for that feed: country of sale and language.

Step 3. Specify the feed name and the connection type - Upload.

Note: the primary feed in Google Merchant should have the same name as the feed in Shopify. See an example on the screenshots below.

The name of the feed in Google Merchant: 

The name in Shopify: 

Step 4. On the third step, please specify the feed file nameIt is also required to specify the feed file extension type. In the example below, it goes as follows:

The file name should correspond to the one specified in Shopify: 

Step 5. When all the details are set, click the Create feed button. The primary feed is added to the Merchant successfully:


It is still empty though, so the next step is uploading the feed file from Shopify to Google Merchant. In order to do that, the path to the primary feed should be specified in the Shopify feed.

Step 1. Please open the SFTP/FTP/GCS tab in the Merchant general settings.

Step 2. Select the credentials for the preferable connection method (SFTP/FTP). You can get the password by clicking on the red Generate/Reset button. 

Step 3. Paste the credentials to the feed into the Upload > Connection Settings tab. In the example below, FTP connection is selected and the passive mode should be enabled for this connection type. The path to Google servers is always a root path that could be marked as a slash.

Step 4. Click on Save, then Upload the feed. It will get uploaded to Google Merchant in a few minutes. It might take a little longer depending on the size of the feed and the number of products included. 

When the generation is finished, the feed will be automatically uploaded to Google Merchant: 

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