How to set custom sorting on brand pages?

How to set custom sorting on brand pages?

Brand pages are essentially the Default category filtered by the 'brand' attribute. Therefore, any sorting logic assigned to the Default category in default Magento also applies to Amasty brand pages. To confirm or modify the sorting order for the Default Category, navigate to Catalog → Categories → Display Settings → Default Product Listing Sort By.

However, it is possible to set custom sorting per brand using the Custom Product Sorting for Shop by Brand add-on. This module offers the ability to define specific product sorting rules and permits you to position items at fixed locations on brand pages.

To select a custom sorting option, go to Amasty → Improved Layered Navigation: Brands → Brand Management → [your brand], then scroll down to the Products section. In the Sort Order field, you can choose your desired product listing logic. Once you have made your selection, simply click on the Sort button to apply the chosen sorting logic.

After saving the settings, it is recommended to run reindex and flush the Magento cache for the changes to apply.

As a result, the selected sorting is used on the brand page on the storefront: