How to restrict products for specific customer groups?

How to restrict products for specific customer groups?

The Customer Group Catalog extension offers the capability to hide particular products or categories from the catalog based on customer groups. This feature empowers store administrators to create unique catalogs tailored to specific customers.

To hide products from particular customer groups, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1. Navigate to Customers → Customer Group Catalog → Rules and click Add New Rule button.

Step 2. Fill in the general information about the rule: status, name, scope, etc.

Step 3. Within the Customer Groups section, select the customer groups for which the rule will be applicable. In simpler terms, choose the customer groups from which you want to hide the products.

Step 4. Navigate to the Products section and select the products that need to be hidden. Use conditions to precisely define the products, and activate the Hide Product option.

Due to our configuration, products specified in the rule conditions are not visible to users who are not logged in:

However, once a user signs in and subsequently changes their customer group, the bags become visible in the catalog: