How to renew a canceled product subscription?

How to renew a canceled product subscription?

The cost of renewing a product subscription is 80% of the current product price. This 80% fee is applicable only for the renewal. For all subsequent years, the subscription will cost 60% of the original price annually.

To renew your product subscription, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account at
2. Navigate to the Subscriptions tab.
3. Locate the desired product in the Subscriptions list.
4. Click the Renew button.

Clicking the Renew button will direct you to a contact form, where you can submit a request to our Sales team. Please provide the following information in the form: your name, email address, and details about the subscription (ID and extension name). Once you have entered the necessary information, click the Submit button.

Our managers will add a discounted product to your cart and email you with the details on how to proceed with the purchase.
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      • Can I still use the extension if my Product Subscription is suspended?

        Yes, the extension can still be used on the website even if the product subscription is not active. Period of the extension usage is not limited. You will also receive product updates within one year after the purchase, regardless of the subscription ...
      • How to cancel my subscription?

        The subscription can be suspended in the account any time. Please navigate to the Subscriptions tab, open the required subscription and click on the Cancel This Subscription button in the right upper corner: The same will be for the ...
      • How does Product Subscription work and what does it offer?

        All Amasty extensions can be purchased by annual subscription only. When the product is purchased initially, 100% percent of its price should be paid. In subsequent years, 60% from the original price will be deducted once a year. Exact costs of the ...
      • Is it possible to refund the advanced Support Subscription if I didn’t use it?

        According to the license agreement, Amasty doesn’t refund services or support subscriptions, however, there's an option to cancel the subscription and stop the billing cycle.
      • Can I change the plan of my Support Subscription?

        At the moment, one and the same support subscription can’t be upgraded/downgraded to other support plans or billing cycles automatically. The only option here will be to cancel the current subscription and subscribe to the required one anew.