How to import Shipping Table Rates?

How to import Shipping Table Rates?

Due to the functionality that relies on Magento Import component, it is possible to seamlessly import huge data volumes via a CSV file in a few clicks. Our Shipping Table Rates module allows importing rates to the methods created in the instance.

Before proceeding with importing data, please make sure to create the tailored shipping methods in Sales  Shipping Table Rates. You may leave their rates empty, but methods need to be created for the further process:

Then kindly navigate to System → Import Shipping Table Rates:

Here, you need to specify Import Behavior, the options required for the proper file validation and select the exact methods your rates were created for in the Shipping Table Rate Methods section:

On the next step, please attach your file with the created rates. You may find the file template for the reference in the Import Settings section, as shown above. Once done, you need to check the details to make sure your import file & settings are correct:

Finally, if no errors are found, you may compete the import process by pressing the Import button:

In case any issues are observed with the Shipping Table Rates import on your side, please feel free to contact us to investigate the issue further.