How to add product attachments to a CMS page?

How to add product attachments to a CMS page?

Product attachments can be added to CMS pages via Magento widgets, and there are two methods to do that.

Method #1

Step 1. At Magento admin → Content → Widgets, create a widget of the Amasty Attachments Block type, choose Design Theme and click Continue

Step 2. Scroll down to choose the necessary CMS page in the Layout Updates block.

Step 3. Navigate to the Widget Options tab to choose the files you’d like to display on the CMS page. To show specific files, choose Custom files in the Widget Type field and select the required files below. 


Method #2

Step 1. Navigate to the necessary CMS page configurations and open the Page Builder editor.

Step 2. Open the HTML code editor and click the Insert Widget button.

Step 3. In the popup, choose the Amasty Attachments Block widget type, select the files and click Insert Widget

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