How exactly do cookies work in the extension?

How exactly do cookies work in the extension?

Default Magento cookies are divided into 2 types - Essential and Non-Essential

Essential cookies do not require the user's consent for their work and are stored in the browser automatically, as they ensure the correct operation of the store from the technical side. They are always enabled, and the client cannot interact with them.

Non-Essential cookies, in turn, cannot be collected without the user's consent, so the extension blocks both Magento cookies and external scripts that run from the browser. In case the user declines these cookies, they won’t be set.

Out of the box, all Magento default cookies, as well as Google Analytics cookies are already defined as essential/non-essential in the Customers → Cookie Consent → Cookie Groups and are functioning depending on the user's consent.

Additionally, you may edit and add new cookies if you navigate to Customers → Cookie Consent → Cookies. There you may also assign cookies to the groups. 

Moreover, the extension also provides an opportunity to set 3-rd party custom cookies and block them as marketing cookie for clients. You may introduce compatibility with 3-rd party cookies following the steps from the User Guide

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