How does printed card work in the Gift Card extension?

How does printed card work in the Gift Card extension?

By default, the Gift Card extension offers administrators the flexibility to choose the type of gift card during its creation: virtual, printed (physical), or combined.

A virtual gift card functions as an email-sent code, resembling the format of virtual and downloadable Magento products. It holds no physical weight, has no inventory presence, and is not subject to shipping.

In the case of a printed gift card, the code is physically printed on a sheet of paper and subsequently delivered. The delivery process aligns with the standard flow for typical Magento products.

It's worth noting that the Amasty Gift Card does not address printing-related concerns; our focus mainly remains on providing tracking tools. Nevertheless, upon the creation of the gift code account associated with a newly purchased physical gift card, our extension offers the option to easily download a gift card image generated specifically for that purchase. This downloadable image displays all essential gift card details, including the code, balance, expiry date, and other relevant information that the admin has added to the image.

To download the image of a purchased gift card, navigate to Marketing → Gift Cards → Accounts. Find the required gift card account and click the Download Image option in the Actions column:

An example of the downloaded gift card image:

Subsequently, you can use this image to print the gift card and dispatch it to the customer's provided address.