Gift Card | GraphQL methods

Gift Card | GraphQL methods


  1. amGiftCardAccount(input: AmGiftCardAccountInput!) 
    description: get gift card account information by code

  2. amGiftCardSetting 
    description: get gift card module settings

  3. amGiftCardPreview(input: AmGiftCardPreviewInput) 
    description: get rendered email template for preview

  4. amUserGiftCardAccount 
    description: get current user's gift card accounts


  1. applyAmGiftCardToCart(input: ApplyAmGiftCardToCartInput) 
    description: apply a gift card code to the specified cart

  2. removeAmGiftCardFromCart(input: RemoveAmGiftCardFromCartInput) 
    description: remove a gift card code from the specified cart

  3. addAmGiftCardProductsToCart(input: AddAmGiftCardProductsToCartInput) 
    description: add gift card product to specified cart

  4. addAmGiftCardCodeToAccount(input: AmGiftCardCodeInAccountInput) 
    description: add gift card account to customer's account

  5. removeAmGiftCardCodeToAccount(input: AmGiftCardCodeInAccountInput) 
    description: remove gift card account from customer's account
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