Does the module work for Facebook shop, Google merchant as well as Instagram shop, Pinterest?

Does the module work for Facebook shop, Google merchant as well as Instagram shop, Pinterest?

Our Product Feed extension has pre-made templates for Google Merchant and Facebook, Amazon, Bing platforms. All the available templates can be found in Catalog → Feeds → Profiles on the arrow sign click.

Templates contain basic settings of a specific shopping platform. Though, the extension also provides an opportunity to create a custom feed suitable for any kind of shop, including Pinterest and Instagram. Custom Feed allows creating the content from scratch and adding various attributes in different sequences.
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        Facebook Feed, Google Shopping Feed and Product Feed are the three names of the same Amasty extension, they deliver identical functionality. Several product pages have been created to reveal the functionality of the module from different angles.
      • How to submit product feed to Google Merchant?

        Once the feed is created in the Magento, you can upload it to the Google Merchant, following these simple steps. Step 1. Create a primary feed in your personal Google Merchant account in Products → Feeds. Step 2. Specify the basic information for ...
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        Amasty Instagram Feed uses generation of tokens to connect a Magento 2 store with an Instagram account. The module supports work both with a single Instagram page and with multiple Instagram accounts. In case it is necessary to display posts from ...
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        The module itself does not calculate any shipping values - weight, prices, etc. as those are calculated during checkout. Shipping costs for the products in the feed should be specified in the marketplaces where this feed will be uploaded. As to ...
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        Please follow the below instructions to create a Facebook feed with the scheduled generation synced with Magento 2. Set up the initial product catalog in Facebook business account in Data Sources → Data Feed → Next. Then specify all the required ...