Why isn't a bundle pack displayed on the frontend?

Why isn't a bundle pack displayed on the frontend?

There may be multiple reasons why a bundle pack is not visible on the storefront, so we suggest checking the below steps to see if the issue arises due to any misconfigurations:

1. Make sure that the bundle pack has an Active status at Amasty → Automatic Related Products → Bundle Packs

2. A bundle pack only appears on the product page of the main product specified in the settings below the Main Products tab, so make sure that you're checking it on the correct page:

In the above example, the bundle pack promotion will only appear on the Caesar Warm-Up Pant and Kratos Gym Pant product pages. 

3. The main product should differ from the bundle pack product. If you've selected the same product in both tabs, the bundle pack won't appear on the storefront, as it contradicts the logic of the extension.

4. All products that are a part of the bundle pack should be enabled and marked as In Stock. You can check the stock status in the product settings at Catalog â†’ Products.

In case the bundle pack does not appear anyway, feel free to contact our support team, we’ll be glad to help you with this issue.