How do we help our clients with conflicts between Mageplaza and our modules?

How do we help our clients with conflicts between Mageplaza and our modules?

      Sometimes it happens that various problems arise when installing extensions, which from time to time interfere with the normal functioning of the store. This article will tell you several cases of how our support team helps our clients solve conflicts with third-party extensions. Let's start.

      Case #1 Amasty Infinite Scroll and Mageplaza_AjaxLayer
      Our client configured the Infinite Scroll extension and came to us because this extension didn’t work the way it should have had. The Load More buttons weren't displayed on all the category pages and on some pages the user didn’t get a further product loaded by clicking that button. 
      Solution. The issue occurred due to the compatibility conflict with the Mageplaza_AjaxLayer extension. So to fix this issue, our developer modified the following files: 



      The issue was resolved and all features of the extension started working correctly.

      Case #2 Amasty Infinite Scroll and Mageplaza_AjaxLayer
      A similar case with Mageplaza: a client installed our Infinite Scroll for Magento 2 but despite all the settings being made correctly, the pages were still displayed with pagination. 
      Solution. During the investigation, our team also encountered some fatal errors. These errors stemmed from the registration.php file of the 3rd-party Mageplaza_AjaxLayer extension. Our support team resolved the conflict with the 3rd-party module via the patch. As a result, the Infinite Scroll extension worked as expected, and the pages were displayed without pagination.

      Case #3 Cookie Consent (GDPR) and Mageplaza_GoogleTagManager.

      In the next issue, the client added _gtag/gtag in the cookie consent list and refreshed the cache in Magento but the cookie/tag was not blocked from the cookie consent extension.

      Solution. Our developer figured out that the issue was related to the 3rd-party extension - Mageplaza_GoogleTagManager. The solution was to find the list and back up the adjusted files. The customer was satisfied and closed his ticket with positive feedback: “Thank you so much, please say thank you to your developer - works very nice, perfect work!”

      Case #4 Custom Stock Status and Mageplaza_ConfigureGridView 
      The client was having an issue with the Custom Stock Status for Magento 2 Community extension. The issue occurred when using configuration options for "Change Configurable Product Status upon Options Selection" set to Yes, but the frontend did not update it when one of the configurable options was selected. When choosing one of the color/size options, the item should update the count to show how many of those options are in stock, but this function did not work.
      Solution. The developers have reviewed the issue and confirmed that it was connected with the third-party Mageplaza_ConfigureGridView extension. As they've explained, there is a check for the block in our plugin before the required JS is added to the product page of the configurable product. However, this block was removed in app/code/Mageplaza/ConfigureGridView/view/frontend/layout/catalog_product_view_type_configurable.xml which caused the incorrect behavior. The developers modified the necessary file and everything worked as it should.

      Case #5 Product Feed and Mageplaza_Pdfinvoice
      The customer contacted us with an issue related to the Amasty Feed Rule and the indexing of Amasty Feed products on a schedule that keeps getting stuck. As a result, Google merchant center receives fewer items than it should be. It helps to reset the index and create a feed manually.
      Solution. As it turned out during the research, the problem was with the third-party module Mageplaza_PdfInvoice. We've managed to fix the problem, it was in the Mageplaza_Pdfinvoice that rewrites Magento class which is responsible for the email delivery. To solve the problem, our specialists had to change the file of the third-party module, everything worked properly and the client was satisfied with the result.

      Errors with modules occur quite often, and their timely solution is an important part of the work of every store. Our support team has successfully solved and continues to solve cases related to conflicts between our extensions and third-party solutions, making sure that our clients’ stores function as they should.

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