What to expect in Q4'23 | Roadmap

What to expect in Q4'23 | Roadmap

New extensions

This quarter, one of our goals is to introduce a fresh set of extensions for Magento 2:

⇾ Bing (Microsoft) Pixel
⇾ Tik Tok Pixel
⇾ Twitter Pixel
⇾ Google Automated Discounts

Upcoming features and improvements

In this quarter, we have outlined several new features and improvements we intend to work on.

⇾ a new feature to remove layered navigation from CMS pages;
⇾ restriction to follow direct links with hidden filters. 

⇾ correcting the behavior of the 'Use Default Value' checkboxes;
⇾ the ability to navigate through search results in the brand search bar using the keyboard;
⇾ add a breadcrumb link to the 'All Brands' page on brand-specific pages in the breadcrumbs;
⇾ the option to select displayed brands in the brand slider widget.

⇾ correcting checkout performance when 'Allow to Edit Products in the Order Summary' is enabled.

⇾ integration with Import and Export: the ability to import/export bundle packs.

⇾ the ability to edit the 'Attribute Set' column from the grid;
⇾ capability to filter the Product Grid by a specific source inventory;
⇾ a search box for category filtering on the grid;
⇾ the ability to format decimal numbers.

⇾ compatibility with default Magento sitemap;
⇾ an option to add rich snippets to blog posts.

⇾ importing and exporting data about stores and their schedules;
⇾ add holiday opening hours in location schedules.

⇾ an improvement to save the set 'From-To' date values for reports so that they apply to all reports when switching between them;
⇾ improved module performance.

⇾ the ability to schedule custom reports;
⇾ exporting the name of an attribute option instead of ID;
⇾ integration with the GDPR extension.

⇾ importing and exporting redirect entries created by the extension.

⇾ tiered pricing percentage discount.

⇾ compatibility with AWS S3;
⇾ test the extension with Product Recommendations (for EE and Cloud packages);
⇾ compatibility with Live Search.

⇾ an option to hide the Help & settings tab;
⇾ improved menu performance.

⇾ the capability in the module to display specific items from an order for which shipping is restricted;
⇾ sanitization of the text area field in the Shipping Area;
⇾ GraphQL support.

⇾ enhanced tracking through menu links, navigation, and customer accounts for more detailed insights.

⇾ compatibility with the multishipping functionality;
⇾ the option to choose the position (above/below) of Shipping Address & Shipping Methods.

⇾ the ability to merge data from two fields into a single field;
⇾ new 'not like' filter option;
⇾ new Full Match Replace modifier;
⇾ creation of EAV attributes while importing products.

⇾ login via Microsoft Single Sign-On;
⇾ compatibility with hybridauth/hybridaut 3.9.0.

⇾ the ability to track form submissions for the Google Ads for GA4 extension.

 sorting by Quantity of products in stock;
⇾ compatibility with LiveSearch.

⇾ Clear Sessions option;
⇾ selection of actions/objects for logging.

⇾ MSI compatibility;
⇾ an option to add Magento reviews and ratings;
⇾ the ability to replace an empty attribute with another one;
⇾ an option to pull item_group_id for simple items with parent only.

New Hyva ready extensions

Some new Hyva compatible extensions are on the way:

⇾ SEO Toolkit
⇾ Product Labels
⇾ Custom Form
⇾ Advanced Product Reviews

Furthermore, we will be testing additional backend extensions for compatibility with Hyva.