What to expect in Q2'22

What to expect in Q2'22

Amasty always strives to deliver new functionality in accordance with the most popular customers’ requests and e-commerce trends. In this article, we'll share our plans on new extensions, improvements, fixes, and other releases the team intends to be working on in Q2.

New features and improvements

  • Live Search integration.
  • an option to exclude brands without products from store views
  • automatic free gifts for orders placed from the admin area;
  • original price of free items in the Order Summary (to highlight the benefit of the promotion);
  • integration with Amasty Gift Card (the ability to include gift cards to promotions and make them free items).
  • improved locale support for pickup date selection calendar (date formats). 
  • an option to remove quoted products from the cart;
  • enhanced behavior of the approved quote when other non-quote products are added to the cart;
  • the ability to deactivate customer notifications;
  • an option to change the quote route name. 
  • an option to log anonymization data of not registered users. 
  • Enhanced VAT validation;
  • Compatibility with In-Store Pickup;
  • enhanced compatibility with Magento B2B.
  • enhanced performance;
  • improved compatibility with Amasty Full Page Cache Warmer. 
  • multi-store support;
  • compatibility with bundle products.
  • an option to hide Add to Wishlist and Add to Compare buttons;
  • new Bestsellers block;
  • updated product price according to the chosen configurable option;
  • import and export functionality.
  • WCAG-friendly menu;
  • make the category clickable in the menu (instead of the View All button).
  • Improve fixed multiple value of order attribute received via API
  • an option to output customer email and name for not registered users in the Product Performance report.
  • new indexers for better performance;
  • log changes made in orders.

Important fixes

Except for minor technical releases, the team plans to work on fixing the following most anticipated issues: 

  • incorrect product quantity in the category filter;
  • module work with Magento shared catalog.
  • product price display without special price.
  • enhanced compatibility with Amasty Hide Price in regard to product price display.
  • the extension displays only 1000 products on preview.
  • apply reward points on prices including tax.
  • marketing cookies are set before customers' consent
  • Apply discount on prices with taxes.
  • conditions based attribute output;
  • parent product URL is output without taking into account its status and presence on the same store.
  • missing primary key;
  • the discount does not apply when 'Any Bundle Is Chosen' enabled.
  • Conversion Rate report optimization.
  • an error if the import behavior to the Only Update action and the file contains disabled products;
  • when exporting custom product options, the export file does not use all of the options data;
  • images for image, small_image, thumbnail are imported without image path.

PWA support plans

New PWA add-ons are about to be developed for below extensions:

Haven’t found the desired functionality in our roadmap? Click here to share your idea in the forum, and we’ll definitely consider it.