Shop By Brand and Custom Product Sorting (Add-On) | Enabay

Shop By Brand and Custom Product Sorting (Add-On) | Enabay

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Case Description and configurations

The Brands function is not available in Magento. As we sell products from a lot of different brands on our site, we wanted more agile and extended functionality than a simple Brands attribute filter. 

We use a lot of extension features, such as all-brands page, individual brand-devoted pages with descriptions and CMS blocks, brands slider, brand logos on PDP, brands filter in layered navigation, and some others. Also, the Custom Product Sorting add-on for Shop By Brand allows us to customize the position of the products on brands pages:

General feedback and examples of the result

Our customers have a better browsing experience, they can quickly shop and search for products by their favorite brands. Now we have all brands in one place, on the All Brands page. And here is an example of a brand-devoted page.  We also added the Brands Slider widget to the Home page: 

This Shop By Brand use case is written based on the information provided by our client from the Enabay shop.