Shipping Suite | Carlisle Brass

Shipping Suite | Carlisle Brass

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Case description and configurations

Creating a way to easily manage, change and add new shipping methods to the website from the backend. Also, the ability to make shipping free if the customer's subtotal goes above a certain value.

We use Shipping Table Rates for adding new shipping methods:

We also use Shipping Rules to enable free shipping above a certain value. The extensions work with each other perfectly, we can create rules for shipping methods made with Shipping Table Rates. 

General feedback and examples of the result

It has allowed us to easily manage shipping methods and change them as required, so we can accurately represent the shipping methods available to the customers. Also, the ability to easily give customers free shipping if they order over a certain amount, encouraging customers to place higher value orders.

As a result, we have the ability to easily add new shipping methods to the website and set free shipping over a certain value. Here is how the shipping methods list is displayed for customers: