Shipping Rules and Shipping Restrictions | Aqua Maestro

Shipping Rules and Shipping Restrictions | Aqua Maestro

Shop name

Aqua Maestro bottled water store

Extension name

Case description and configurations

The Shipping Rules and Restrictions extensions enable us to create a versatile shipping hierarchy, allowing us to decrease shipping costs for specific regions while maintaining standard weighted delivery for others. The flexibility afforded by the two tools is unsurpassed.

General feedback

Through the implementation of a local delivery flat rate, we have successfully boosted order quantities by incentivizing customers to increase their orders, thanks to the predictable flat fee for delivery.

We have been using these tools for eight years, greatly simplifying what was once a manual process handled by our back-office team. As a result, we saw an increase in sales that peaked at 60% after instituting our new website and shipping extensions.

This Shipping Rules and Restrictions use case was written based on the information provided by our client from Aqua Maestro.