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Case description and configurations

Before the extension, alt tags were not on every product image lower SEO scores. Meta tags and product names were not implemented properly.

In SEO Toolkit Premium, we use Alt Tag Generator, Image optimizer, SEO Cross Linking, SEP HTL Sitemap, SEO Meta Tag Templates, SEO Open Graph, SEO Rich Data, SEO Single URL and XML Google Sitemap. Below, we share some of our configurations. 

Meta Tags template example:

Alt Tag Generator template:

Image Folder Optimization patterns:

XML Google Sitemaps:

Cross Linking:

We have used it to the best of its ability, and we are still implementing more content as our website grows overtime. This SEO Toolkit gives you the option to use what you see as important for your website. In my eyes, it all is significant to rank better for all search engines.

General feedback and result

Fantastic extension. We have seen improvement in impressions, clicks, and sales since the Amasty extension was installed. Our page speed was improved dramatically after we implemented the image optimizer in the SEO Toolkit.

The all-in-one SEO toolkit ticks a lot of boxes with regard to what search engines are looking for when ranking webpages. 

This has increased our impressions, clicks per month and sales per week. Great plugin for Magento SEO. From August 29th Google indexed only 18K pages out of 122K+ pages, but with SEO Toolkit and most of its features installed this grew to 108K in over a month. This was due to many features in Amasty, but the sitemaps did help a lot.



We also appreciate all the help and support we are getting and continue to receive from Amasty support.

This SEO Toolkit use case was written based on the information provided by our client from Qual.