Roadmap | What to expect in Q4'22

Roadmap | What to expect in Q4'22

New features and improvements

  • better performance of synonyms;
  • REST API support.
  • enhanced extension performance with a lot of products on the page.
  • posts migration from one Magento instance to another;
  • email notifications for customers on new blog posts.
  • sorting by quantity;
  • compatibility of 'Biggest saving' with bundle and configurable products.
  • overwriting UI components to XML to use the Page Builder feature.
  • replacing package cogpowered/finediff with an alternative.
  • a feature of adding Magento product reviews and rating to the feed;
  • output the item_group_id tag only to simple products are child options of a configurable;
  • merge attributes.
  • allow image optimization outside the pub/media folder;
  • support for images outside the img tag;
  • automatic optimization of images in patterns.
  • German translation improvements;
  • improvements related to compliance with the latest GDPR requirements.
  • new JSON import file type.
  • possibility to use a gift card on different websites.
  • added product quantity display in email template.
  • mass links import;
  • integration with Import/Export.
  • the possibility to edit tier price from the grid;
  • enhanced grid performance.
  • count for cheapest products;
  • an option to create rules via API.
  • support for free gifts in order created via admin panel;
  • tax application on free gift with 100% discount;
  • GraphQL support;
  • give a discount and offer a free gift in one rule. 
  • compatibility with In-Store Pickup;
  • phone number validation.
  • enhanced highlight points for guest visitors;
  • an option to cover shipping costs with reward points.

Important fixes

  • SEO-friendly URLs are built incorrectly if the category name is the same as the attribute option name.
  • disable PayPal validation on first page load.
  • fixed undefined array key error.
  • missing cart after Apply login.
  • the marker on map is not opened on Magento 2.4.4.
  • value not changed on admin grid when its updated in order;
  • fix added validation for date and datetime attributes on the frontend.
  • added quote item price output.

PWA support plans

This quarter, we are planning on developing a PWA add-on for the Free Gift extension.