Roadmap | What to expect in Q3'23

Roadmap | What to expect in Q3'23

New features and improvements

⇾ integrations with Amasty Cookie Consent;
⇾ integration with Multishipping.

⇾ compatibility with engine OpenSerch v2.x;
⇾ compatibility with engine Elasticsearch v8.6.

⇾ an option of search queries validation to avoid spamming.

⇾ optimization of saving mappings with large number of categories;
⇾ an option to choose the parent product type: configurable or bundle;
⇾ possibility to the Salable Qty attribute to the feed;
⇾ new modifier 'Remove all HTML tags';
⇾ display thousands without a separator;
⇾ an option to choose a category that will be displayed in attribute Default [Category].

⇾ an option to select language for content generation;
⇾ meta keywords generation;
⇾ Make it possible to generate product description on product creation page.

⇾ gift card codes autogeneration;
⇾ Processing status for orders covered with gift cards.

⇾ an option to set custom ID for RMA requests;
⇾ admin notifications for new customer messages in chat.

⇾ restrictions per customer groups;
⇾ new column with website information on the Price History grid.

⇾ log actions made via Scheduled Changes (for Magento Commerce).

⇾ an option to configure parameters of coupon generation on the campaign creation/edit page;
⇾ possibility to configure the format of code expiration date in emails.

⇾ compatibility with AWS S3.

⇾ an option to add attributes to the Billing Address block.

Hyva support

Hyva compatibility is planned to be developed for the following extensions:

⇾ Product Attachments
⇾ Product Banners
⇾ Infinite Scroll
⇾  Request a Quote
⇾ Out of Stock Notification
⇾ Blog Pro
⇾ Social Login
⇾ FAQ and Product Questions
⇾ Pre Order
⇾ Mega Menu
⇾ B2B Company Account
⇾ Product Parts Finder

Important Fixes

⇾ incorrect price calculation when a different currency exchange rates.

⇾ improved compatibility with Amasty Elastic Search;
⇾ fixed sorting of grouped products;
⇾ fixed error on setup:upgrade.

⇾ compatibility issue with the AJAX feature and browser 'Back' option;
⇾ issues with incorrect parsing of non-SEO URLs.

⇾ main Product Image not showing WebP format when set settings "Image optimization based on query parameters"

⇾ incorrect price calculation on shopping cart page;
⇾ improved compatibility with Magento MSI.