Roadmap | What to expect in Q1'24

Roadmap | What to expect in Q1'24

New extension updates

⇾ slash as a separator in SEO-friendly URLs;
⇾ an option to collapse navigation by button click.

⇾ compatibility with PageBuilder;
⇾ an option to move the Brands menu item.

⇾ compatibility with the Hyva checkout.

⇾ compatibility with Magento MSI;
⇾ an option to add Magento reviews and ratings to the feed;
⇾ a new condition to replace an empty attribute with another attribute;
⇾ add a summed up price for options of a grouped product.

⇾ the ability to include the shippingDetails and hasMerchantReturnPolicy properties in the product schema;
⇾ performance improvements.

⇾ API for PayPal.

⇾ an option to cover taxes with points;
⇾ an option to cover shipping with points;
⇾ new action 'Social Sharing';
⇾ new action 'Referred customer signed up in store';
⇾ compatibility with Hyva checkout.

⇾ optimize 'non-img tag' images.

⇾ import and export posts between Magento instances;
⇾ add hreflangs to blog posts;
⇾ new social links.

⇾ compatibility with Hyva checkout.

⇾ compatibility with Hyva checkout.

⇾ compatibility with Hyva checkout;
⇾ Shipping Areas support.

⇾ display multiple blocks of related products.

⇾ Next-Day delivery cut-off.

⇾ Google Consent support;
⇾ a wildcard option for adding new cookies.

⇾ add meta title and meta description to attachments;
⇾ ALT tag for attachment icons.

⇾ integration with Pinterest.

⇾ display old prices with tax;
⇾ GraphQL support.

⇾ improved Product Set action logic.

⇾ apply cart price rule to the quote cart;
⇾ an option to display shipping methods in the quote cart.

New Hyva compatibility

⇾ Advanced Product Reviews
⇾ Multiple Wishlist
⇾ Facebook Pixel

Important fixes

⇾ improved compatibility with Shipping Table Rates;
⇾ improved compatibility with One Step Checkout.

⇾ error on admin order creation;
⇾ improved compatibility with Apple/Google Pay.

⇾ fixed Preview Products after changing the category conditions.

⇾ misbehavior with reward points expiration date when the order is canceled.

⇾ error when lazy load is enabled.

⇾ fixed issue with cache invalidates.

⇾ improved compatibility with LazyLoad.