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Request a Quote | WebElephant

Extension name

Case Description and configurations

One of our clients wanted to start with a Magento 2 shop, but to match their current way of working, they were wondering if making use of quotes only was possible. 

Out of the box, the extension allows adding approved quotes to the shopping cart through 'My account' and navigate to the checkout. This is something our client didn't need, so we asked Amasty for a customization and their support ream provided a patch for us. 

Currently, our customers can request a quote by filling the quote cart and submit it. After the quote is approved, they can check its details under the 'My account' section without proceeding to the checkout page.

An example of how the quote looks with the patch applied on a test instance (options 'Move to Shopping Cart' and 'Move to Checkout are removed'):

General feedback and examples of the result

The module itself works really well. Combining it with the Hide Price feature really enables our clients to start with an accessible approach. Users are now able to select their products, add it to the quote cart and submit the quote. After these users are contacted about pricing, shipping etc. an order will be created manually in the customers system. This is the first step required for them to fully integrate their way of working with Magento. 

This Request a quote case is written based on the information provided by the WebElephant agency and their client.