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Q3 Roadmap

      In the hot summer quarter, Amasty is going to deliver new modules, new features, and new opportunities for our customers. Let’s check the details together.

      New modules that are coming into development this summer are: 

  1. Messenger Widget that will provide an opportunity to place a widget on the frontend with the available messengers where customers can reach you  
  2. Login by Attribute - so far the module is meant to be a system package that is going to extend the login functionality. With the help of this module, your customers will be able to log into their accounts not only by using an email address and password but also with the help of a username, phone number, or any other entity that could be used for customer identification in your store.

      We are extending the lineage of our PWA-compatible products and this Q will present PWA add-ons for the following modules:

      Amasty is aimed at versatility - so that to get on the wave with our customers and their business needs. By presenting tariffed products, our team is struggling to provide a solution for each business - either it’s a local store or a global corporation. The tariffed lineage will be extended by: 

  • Custom Reports Builder Lite, Pro, and Premium
  • Mega Menu Premium
  • Social Login Lite and Pro
  • Product Management Toolkit Lite, Pro, and Premium
  • Abandoned Cart Lite and Pro
  • Import and Export Premium
  • Shipping Suite Lite, Pro, and Premium
  • Multiple Coupons solutions

      In the upcoming quarter, we are also presenting a new model for the solution - ILN Premium solution will be available on subscription. More details on each solution and subscription conditions will be available on the product pages.

      Yet, releasing new modules, we are not forgetting about the quality: upon the release of new Magento versions and PWA Studio, we are starting compatibility testing of our modules. Keep an eye on the changelogs to know when the testing is complete. Additionally, new modules will be covered with the MFTF tests - Import and Export and Customer Group Catalog. Info about added tests could be found in the modules’ changelogs as well.

      As the final chord, please find a list of planned module updates for this Q:

      Automatic Related Products - enhanced the logic of Bundle Packs discount applying; the Bundle Pack Sales grid now contains a Bundle Price column with the sum before applying cart discounts and tax calculation; now the bundle packs are available for multi shipping; optimized «bought together» request; added compatibility with Alt Tags part of SEO Toolkit solution; fixed issue of product images sizes on PLP when the related block contains same products.

      Visual Merchandiser - performance optimization including optimization of products conditions and reindex process, important fixes related to category saving (with Landing Pages module installed), product positions, and process of moving multiple products to different pages.

      Improved Sorting - improvements in the indexation process.

      Product Labels - tech update with bug fixing.

      Banner Slider - fix for banner’s images lazy load.

      ILN - enhancement of scroll to top behavior, fix of the pagination behavior with the updated page size

      Import&Export - new import & export entities: gift messages, catalog and cart price rules, and EAV attributes; ability to import images in bulk; compatibility of Import Customer Attributes; fix display of unsorted fields

      Extended Order Grid - new entities: rate, grand total (tax excl.), total qty ordered.

      FAQ - SEO-related settings on URL-suffix and trailing slash, FAQ category name on the category pages.

      Google Page Spee Optimizer - tech updates, compatibility with AMP module.

      Affiliate - ability to set custom affiliate code, min number of orders for the affiliate to receive a commission, commission for specific products; new entities for Affiliate Transactions grid.

      Store Credit & Refund - ability to hide comments from customers, apply store credits only for specific products, automatically calculation of the refunded store credit (for partial refunds).

      Reward Points -  grant points for specific products, ability to set products that could be paid with reward points, ability to hide comments from the customers, display in the  order info how much reward points were added, refunded, and subtracted 

      Delivery Date - add extra charge per time intervals.

      Free Gift - ability to add free gifts for orders created from admin.

      Special Promotions Pro - integration with Free Gift

NOTE: Jet Theme roadmap plans will be published separately