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Q3 results

      September was especially productive for our team, so we will be glad to share the news from the first autumn month and sum up what has been done during the whole Q3. 
      Extension updates. Here is the list of new important features and improvements added to our extensions during the third quarter:
      - Configuration of all filters is now on one page
      - Brand Attributes can be configured by store view, plus updated design 
      - Possibility to hide particular brands from the All Brands page
      - Possibility to hide out-of-stock and configurable products from filter results
      - Category filter could be configured to hide particular categories from the filter options
      - Refactoring of the price filter
      - Integration with some Amasty modules: Custom Form, B2B Company Account, Pre Order, Blog Pro;
      - Reports duplicate feature;
      - Export reports in a CSV file;
      - Reports sidebar menu on the report view page;
      - New Product Stock entity for reports;
      - Added search field in the report constructor;
      - Possibility to set custom column titles;
      - Possibility to add any entities, without building the relations between them.
      - An option to specify products and categories the reward points can be earned for and applied to;
      - The block with the earned, applied and refunded points is added to the order information;
      - “Refund to Reward Points” and “Deduct Reward Points from Customer” can be made read-only;
      - Reward points are now stored proportionally split between products, and the right amount of points is automatically suggested during partial refunds.
      - Custom affiliate codes in referral links;
      - An option to specify products and categories that can participate in the affiliate program;
      - An option to limit the number of affiliate transactions per program;
      - Subtracted commission on the affiliate transaction grid.
      - New entities for importing and exporting Cart Price Rules and Catalog Price Rules;
      - An option to import and export EAV attributes;
      - Modifiers for fields in the import functionality.
      - Ability to set conditions in Cart and Catalog Price Rules by preorder;
      - GraphQL read compatibility;
      Enhancements of the Preorder button display on product listings, Amasty Advanced Search, and in Magento Product List Widget.

      PWA updates. The team has managed to develop and release the compatibility with the latest PWA Studio 11 for all our PWA add-ons. Check out the full list of Amasty PWA plugins here. 
      More by token, a new PWA add-on was released in Q3 (also compatible with PWA Studio 11) - PWA for Social Login. We also developed two more PWA add-ons in September: PWA for GDPR and PWA for Gift Card, but they haven’t been released on the website yet. We’re preparing product pages for them, so they are expected to be added to the catalog within a week approximately.

      Extension releases. Except for new PWA add-ons, our team developed the Chat via Messengers extension. Currently, you can pre-order the extension at a better offer. In Q4, we are planning to make the solution available for installation. 

      aStore Products. We keep on extending the lineage of our partner products so you could keep all your website extensions in one place. Let’s review what products were presented on aStore in Q3:
Marketplace Platinum by CedCommerce
Mobile Login by Magecomp
SMS Notifications by Magecomp
Deposit Payments by Milople

      Extension tariffs. Now more all-in-one solutions for your store! Let’s check what modules were extended in Q3 and what packages and features are included in each plan:

Advanced Product Reviews 
Lite plan
Discounts for Active Reviewers add-on
Lite & Pro plans 
Import & Export Reviews add-on
Google Customer Reviews extension
One-time manual import/export tasks; 
3 entities (orders, products, customers);
2 file formats (XML, CSV);
2 file sources 
Lite plan
Mini-automation via cron jobs;
4 more file formats (ODS, XLSX, Template, JSON);
7 more file sources;
Export history
Lite & Pro plans
Import/Export profiles (fully automated);
5 more entities (CMS blocks, URL rewrites, EAV attributes, catalog and cart price rules);
Import/Export history;
Profile logs
Hamburger menu;
Color settings;
Custom menu items;
Menu builder
Lite plan
Categories content (labels, icons, custom text);
Accordion/Drill Down templates for mobile view
Lite & Pro plans
Menu items animation;
Menu item icons
One Step Checkout
Lite plan
Order Attributes extension
Google Invisible reCaptcha extension
Lite & Pro plans
Social Login extension
Abandoned Cart Email extension
Thank You Page extension
core Customer Attributes
Lite plan
Login By Attributes
сore Social Login
Google Invisible reCaptcha
Lite Plan
Login with Apple ID for Social Login add-on
Pre-order option for products;
Custom pre-order buttons and notes;
Mass actions for pre-order attributes; 
Pre-order of a configurable/grouped/bundle product option
Lite plan
Pre-order statistics;
Product release date on frontend;
Automatic status change;
Release notifications;
Mixed carts
Custom Form features:
20 elements for custom forms;
Multipage forms;
Survey mode;
Pre-made templates and themes;
Customizable layout and fields;
Form popup;
Schedules forms;
Validation features
Google Invisible reCaptcha extension
Lite plan
Mailchimp integration;
Customers can see, edit and delete submitted data;
Admin notifications on customer actions;
Sensitive data protection; 
Submitted data Status column