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Q2 results

      June is over and it means that the time has come to sum up the Q2 2021. In this article, we’ll share the result of the first summer month and the achievements of the past quarter.

      New releases

      In June, we targeted the solutions tailored for different business needs. Choose the one that suits you:

      Module updates

      Custom Form v1.16.0

  • Filtration of the forms grid
  • Export in PDF
  • 2 new entities for attribute variables - Magento Commerce Customer and Customer Address
  • Updated configuration by customer groups
  • Added referrer URL to the admin notifications
  • Compatibility with Amasty Advanced Permissions extension
  • Enhanced WCAG compliance
  • Fixed issue with images remaining on the server after submitted data deletion
  • Fixed issue with fields validation after plugin’s update
  • Fixed issue with a dependent file upload field

      Import&Export v1.13.0

  • A new entity for URL Rewrites import/export
  • A new CMS block entity blocks data import/export

      Abandoned Cart v1.11.0

  • Added product details to the History Grid: name, SKU, price, and qty of the products in the abandoned carts
  • Added a column with the info about the number of opened emails.
  • Improved module’s email template UI
  • Added new cancel condition for the abandoned carts campaigns.

      Stripe Payment v3.0.11

  • Fixed issue with the ability to create a credit memo for orders with virtual products
  • Fixed issue with the incorrect billing address for Google Pay
  • Fixed issue with order creating and invoicing from the admin side

      JET theme Pro v1.12.1

  • Mega Menu Light is now included in the theme package
  • Added compatibility with Amasty Advanced Product Reviews
  • Fixed frontend issue with the custom footer enabled
  • Fixed Quick View popup display with the Amasty AJAX Shopping Cart enabled
  • Fixed issue of the left-sided image gallery scroll

      Q2: not done

      Unfortunately, not all our plans were brought to life. All of them are transferred to Q3.

  • Request a Quote - Integration with Stripe Payments, multistore support: the ability to view customer quotes from different websites, ability to clone as quotes orders of customers from different websites; additional fields for quote submit requests
  • XML Sitemap - Code refactoring, changes to hreflang tags in sitemaps 
  • Pre Order - Code refactoring, Lite, Pro and Premium solutions
  • ILN - exclude categories from the filter, a page for quick filter configuration, ability to set attribute codes for SEO-friendly URLs by store view, ability to hide brands from All Brands page
  • PWA add-ons for GDPR and Gift Card