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Product Parts Finder | Racedom


Extension name

Case description and configurations

We have more than 40K active SKUs on our website. Some SKUs are for generic usage, but some of them are vehicle specific. With the Product Parts Finder extension, we help clients to find the compatible parts for their vehicle by entering the production year, the make, and the model of their vehicle. 

General feedback

The extension does what we were looking for, and it's very simple to use. The Parts Finder helped us to drive our clients to the suitable products for their vehicle.

Our website is divided on two main divisions. The first has to do with products suitable with cars and the second for parts suitable with motorcycles. For this reason there are 2 parts finders:

- the one is looking for compatible parts with vehicles

- and the other for parts compatible with motorcycles. 

This Product Parts Finder case is written based on the information provided by our client from the Racedom store.