Product Option Templates: Mandatory Fields

Product Option Templates: Mandatory Fields

Magento Version: 2.3.5-P1

Hey everyone, 

I have been working closely with the Product Option Template plugin recently and have run into an issue that I am hoping to find a resolve that I can pass along to our web developer to try and implement.

We have lots of custom items in our webstore that require many product options with dependencies and this has been a godsend so far and does exactly what we need it to apart from one little thing.

The issue

The issue we're facing at the moment starts when we have to uncheck "Mandatory Field" when creating a dependency. Now, that in itself is not the problem, but forms part of it.

One of the ways we use this plugin is to segregate materials types and then give colour options based on the material selected so that customers aren't overloaded with lots of colours/materials all at once.

Therefore, a customer will select their Material in a drop down. Then the dependency will open up with their corresponding colours according to their material.

However, when the colour swatches we've set up using "Vertical" swatches appear. If a customer does not select their colour or perhaps unchecks it by accident. They can still add the item to cart and proceed with the order as the dependency is not mandatory.

We would of course have to go back to the customer to grab the colour from them which does feel counterproductive. While it might be a very rare instance, it would be nice to catch it at the root if we possibly can.

Is there anything we can do on the backend perhaps? Or am I doing something incorrect?

Thank you for any help or advice anyone can give

All the best,