Product Labels for Veseris

Product Labels for Veseris

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Case Description

Our business need was to show product labels to highlight new promotion products on sale from our various suppliers.  We needed to highlight those product and combos on PDP and Category pages.


We configured the extension according to the guidelines and added labels to certain SKUs, for example, one of the rules we have: 

Influence on the website

The extension was launched only last week, so still early days, and it's hard to tell about any growth in metrics. We are still working on the optimal setup for the labels, promotions, and combinations we require for our various promotions. So far it is working well and we are fully satisfied with the new labels on our website.

Examples of the results

We got new labels shown on product listing page:

And on product details page:

This Product Labels use case is written based on the information provided by our customer from the Veseris shop.