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Improved Racing oiling system products

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Case description and configurations

We needed a very versatile product feed extension not only to push products to Google, but also to provide our distributors with inventory feeds, price lists, load sheets, etc. generated automatically from our website.

We use the product feed profiles as well as condition based attributes. For example, we don't want to provide our exact inventory quantities for all of our products, so we use the condition based attributes to limit the inventory quantity in the feed to 30 units. 

In the screenshots below, you may see some of our configurations.

A condition based attribute that sets the quantity to 30 for anything above 30:

A condition based attribute that displays the parent product's URL if the product in question is not visible individually:


We asked Amasty if there was a way to password protection for the feeds so they are not accessible to the general public. Amasty responded quickly and added the feature for us in a patch. 

General feedback

Product Feed by Amasty does what we need and more. It's very versatile and easy to use. It looks like there is a lot you can do with custom modifiers in the templates. 

The extension has saved us a lot of time. For example, we can now generate product data load sheets and price sheets for our dealers directly from the website. Previously, it took a lot of effort and filtering to generate such sheets from our ERP system, and those feeds would not include links to product images.

This Product Feed case is written based on the information provided by our client from the Improved Racing store.