Pre Order for Lapin Noir

Pre Order for Lapin Noir

Shop name

Lapin noir anime goods store

Extension name

Case description and configurations

We are planning to implement a separate category with the pre-order option, so our customers could purchase them before release. Pre-order function was not existing on Magento platform, but the Amasty extension did it.

On our staging site, we enabled the Pre Order option for products from a related category. Here are also some general configurations: 


The Amasty team helped us slightly customize the extension. We wanted the extension to automatically change the status of Backorders to "No Backorders" when the release date of the product is reached. Additionally, when the Backorders status changes, the module should change the stock status of such products if their salable qty equals or is below 0. Amasty provided the patch, and now the extension fully meets our requirements. We will move these changes to the live site as well. 

Examples of the results

An example from our staging website of how customers will be able to pre order particular products: 

This Pre Order case is written based on the information provided by our client from the Lapin Noir shop.