Amasty Resolution Center

New features for Amasty products

      Hello everyone!
      This day we're starting a new forum for gathering possible improvements for Amasty modules and ideas for new products. Our team is eager to meet the requirements of our customers and we are curious to know your thoughts. The most popular requests will be forwarded to the product team for review. 
      If you have some ideas on how to improve Amasty products or there is some functionality you lack in your store and you’d like us to create such - please share with us. 

      What info we expect you to share:
      - The idea (ex.: 18+ consent popup)
      - How it works (disallows underage users to browse a website)
      - Expected behavior (specs about the feature: how should it behave from the client and admin side)
      - Examples of implementation (if any)
      - Business value
Describe your idea in the post, vote for the functionality you’d like to have, follow the updates on the forum, and see your idea grow into a feature.