March'22 results

March'22 results

New Solutions

In March, the team presented two new suites that combine features of top Amasty extensions and are attractive price-wise:

Must-Haves Suite. Don't know how to grow your business or what to start with? Get our must-have set of features for enhancing every step of customer shopping experience. Increase organic traffic and attract new visitors with Google Page Speed Optimizer, build a well-structured navigation with Improved Layered Navigation, and ensure fast and easy checkout process with One Step Checkout.

Elastic Layered Navigation. Improve products search process and catalog navigation with a combination of Elastic Search and Improved Layered Navigation. Let your customers find exactly what they need. 

New Features and Improvements

Elastic Search

  • additional search field on desktop search results page;
  • integration with Amasty Improved Sortingan option to create relevance rules based on Amasty Improved Sorting bestsellers data;
  • integration with Amasty Meta Tags Templates: search will take Meta Tags category templates data into consideration when using search;
  • now spell correction handles more cases, allowing greater number of successful searches.
  • an option to set the default condition for the ‘My Billing and Shipping address are the same’ checkbox;
  • the ability to specify the custom text for Email Address and Phone Number tooltips;
  • placeholders for the checkout fields;
  • enhanced the work of Google Address Autocomplete so that the State/Province field is filled properly;
  • a feature that would oblige guest customers to create an account during checkout in order for them to place order;
  • from now on the cursor won’t move automatically from one field to another;
  • the ability to recalculate totals automatically after the quantity or product configuration is updated in the Order Summary block;
  • integration with Amasty Social Login: now you can enable social login block on the checkout in the OSC configuration page.
  • an option to specify the email of the DPO and let your customers contact them through the Send Email button;
  • new UI for Privacy Settings section in customer’s account;
  • the optimized layout of UI elements in the ‘Privacy Settings’ section in customer account.
  • now the extension complies with WCAG requirements;
  • an option to configure the order of the cookie bar buttons.
  • new 'Login Network Type' column to the orders grid, so that the admin can see what social network customers used to log in before placing an order;
  • integration with Amasty Custom Reports Builder: a premade report to analyze what social networks customers used to log in before placing an order.
  • an option to create custom columns and add expressions using other columns and fixed values to display resulting data in a single column (available in the Premium Version of the Advanced Reports Solution);
  • new types of graphs — now you have more ways to visualize reports data using graphs to get the insights you need (available in the Premium Version of the Advanced Reports Solution);
  • integration with Amasty Social Login: a premade report to analyze social networks data.
  • GraphQL (read+write) support: we added options to retrieve extension settings and subscribe to products (for both guests and logged in customers) using GraphQL mutations;
  • we adjusted the way extension handles configurable products in widgets.
  • an option to use Yotpo reviews data in rich snippets;
  • search snippet preview on the product configuration page;
  • we updated links with HTTPS.
  • an option to filter products by weight.

PWA Updates

We made available for purchase two new PWA add-ons (previously in the pre-order status): PWA for RMA and PWA for One Step Checkout. Also, PWA for GDPR and PWA for Gift Card add-ons support new PWA 12 version now. 

New Tariffs

Advanced Reports core functionality
Lite plan
Custom Reports Builder extension
Lite & Pro plans
- custom columns for reports
- calculate and combine the data of existing entities in custom columns
- 5 chart types to visualize the data in custom reports
Reward Points core functionality
Lite plan

- Import tool
- Export tool 

aStore Products

Multi-Vendor Marketplace is now available for the Magento Commerce (Enterprise) edition. Make sure the module works smoothly according to all the Magento EE peculiarities. 

Magento-related Updates

The team keeps on getting prepared for the upcoming Magento 2.4.4 release. Here are the latest updates on the new modules that are already compatible with it:  

Jet Theme
Improved Layered Navigation
Advanced Product Reviews
Automatic Related Products
Cross Linking
Custom Form
Customer Group Auto Assign
Customer Segmentation
Facebook Pixel
Follow Up Email 
Google Invisible reCaptcha
Meta Tags Templates
Out Of Stock Notifications
Request a Quote
SMTP Email Settings
Unique Product URL
URL Rewrites Regenerator
XML Google Sitemap