Amasty Resolution Center

July: done

      A new portion of updates by the end of July. The first month of Q3 is over, let’s check what was done.

      Starting with previous debts: in June we managed to publish important updates for ILN and Pre Order modules, as well as provide tariff solutions for Pre Order. The Pro version includes extended statistics on preordered products, allows adding both preorder and in-stock products to the cart, sends release notifications to customers and other. Check out other features and test the Pre Order Pro on the product demo.

      Other new tariffs that were released in July:
Import&Export Lite, Pro, and Premium
Social Login Lite&Pro
Custom Form Lite&Pro
One Step Checkout Lite, Pro, and Premium

      PWA add-ons:
PWA add-on for Social Login for Magento 2 is now available for purchase.
In a short time, PWA add-ons for GDPR and Gift Card are awaited.

      New releases:
According to the Q3 plans, Chat Via Messengers module is under development. Don’t miss the deal - the extension is available on preorder with a discount.

      What’s new in the modules:
- Added search field in the report constructor
- Possibility to set custom column titles
- RMA entity available for building a report
- AJAX loading of the graph
- Possibility to add any entities, without building the relations between them

- Performance optimization
- Ability to set conditions in Cart and Catalog Price Rules by preorder
- GraphQL read compatibility
- Enhancements of the Preorder button display on product listings, Amasty Advanced Search, and in Magento Product List Widget

- Configuration of all filters is now on one page
- Brand Attributes can be configured by store view, plus updated design 
- Possibility to hide particular brands from the All Brands page
- Possibility to hide out-of-stock and configurable products from filter results
- Category filter could be configured to hide particular categories from the filter options
- Refactoring of the price filter
- Other important technical fixes